Sunday, September 30, 2012


Happy Halloween!  Hah, I know it's not October 1st yet, but it's definitely the season to start thinking about costumes! As you know, I have written for many years about how to create a great costume for kids in wheelchairs and one of my tips was to create a costume built around the wheelchair. Halloween was difficult when Dear Son was a kid because he couldn't hold the Halloween bucket, he couldn't eat candy, he couldn't say, "Trick or Treat" and he couldn't walk. I didn't want that to spoil our fun so I had to get creative. Once I figured out that I should use the wheelchair in our costumes, everything changed.  The Jack in the Box was the first costume I created built around the wheelchair.
My goal in life has been to put the disabled on a level ground with everyone else. At Halloween, my goal is to create a costume using the wheelchair that is so good that normal kids WISH they had a wheelchair just to make their own costume!  This year, my dream has come true! Look at these fantastic costumes! 
1. An Ice Cream Truck!  How fantastic is this?  And how cute!  (Thanks Mary Beth for sending me this photo!)
2. A giraffe for a little girl with crutches!
3. Drums for a little girl with a walker!  Really!  You have to look hard to see the walker. Amazing! I know I just that word a lot but the photo speak for itself!

This photo of the red drums was from have a lot of ideas and tutorials for wheelchair costumes,
4. Or maybe a Harley instead of a wheelchair for a day!

5. Or maybe they could be a construction worker?

6. Or maybe a Pirate's Ship!
Photo Courtesy: Sue Ellen Holmes

This year, the sky's the limit for kids in wheelchairs?  Wouldn't it be cool to have a Halloween Parade for the best wheelchair costume? Hmmm....maybe I'll have to do that this year!
After last year's fiasco where they would allow a costume party at Dear Son's school for "religious reasons", this year they'll allow costumes but no party. Really?  Anyway, I have a great costume planned for Dear Son using his wheelchair and will start construction in a week or so. We are getting some upgrades done now that Dear Son has grown so tall and we have to wait until they install the new parts so I can do the measurements to build the costume over the chair. It should be his best costume yet. You can check out his other costumes from year's past here.
P.S. I gave photo credits when the source was identified. There were many photos without any credits and I apologize for those. If you have photo credits for any of the above photos, please advise and I'd be happy to give proper credit.

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