Sunday, September 02, 2012

An Inspirational Story of a Mother's Love for a Special Needs Child

I was on the internet this  morning when I came across this blog post titled, "A Mother's Love for a Special Needs Child; A Mother's Love Can't Be Explained".  The blog is, "Organize with Sandy" and she detailed her cousin's loss of their special needs daughter, who was 30 years old.  What makes this post a winner was not only the love that her cousin and husband had for her daughter, but how eloquently Sandy describes this. She writes,
"We all know that Mother’s love their children, and we love them in a way we didn’t know we could, right?  But what about those children who have special needs? Some people who do not have special needs children can think that a parent might “love them less” because they aren’t perfect.  That they might “love them less” because they change the parents life style, change the life they pictured or believed they would have .  They think that they might “love them less” because they can’t leave their child with a sitter, or might not be able to go on vacations..."
What was striking to me is that I had never, ever considered that some people might think that I, or anyone, would love their special needs child "less" because they were disabled.  I can also understand how this might be true for some parents.
Sandy goes on to write, "I have seen many many examples of how strong a mothers love can be, even for some children that do not respond to them… or respond in ways that others can recognize. For children that have cost them their careers, made them move into very small homes due to the financial crisis they now had to deal with, cost them their marriages because of the stress, cost them the life they wanted. "
What is striking about her post, is not only the love that her cousin and family had for her daughter, but how many parents of special needs children could relate to her story. I know it certainly could have been written about me.
If you get a chance, you may want to read the rest of this story. It will make your day.


Janet said...

Thanks for sharing. She wrote what we live everyday but others aren't so comfortable hearing. As one mom who commented said, working to send your child to an Ivy League college sounds a lot "cooler" than giving up a career and living on a lot less to give your special needs child the love and care he or she needs.

Dream Mom said...

Your welcome, Janet. I am the Mom who wrote that about the Ivy League school. Have a good weekend.

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