Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Sayin'...

Dear Son's 2011 Halloween wheelchair costume is done. Or rather, I have the costume and concept sketched out already. I won't put it all together until October.

It will be:

  • Totally amazing. More amazing than the Tin Man I made. Although, that was pretty good.

  • Knock your socks off. Yes, even better than the Jack in the Box costume I made.

  • One of a kind. Way better than the chef costume, which I ahem, purchased. I think I get a few extra points for drawing on that cute moustashe though.

  • Drop dead gorgeous. And I do mean, "gorgeous". As in eye catching. Even more eye catching than the Cat in the Hat.

  • Unforgettable. Yes, even more unforgettable than the Bed Bug costume. And we all want to forget the bed bugs!

I am so excited about this I can't stand it. They don't even have this costume in any costume shop. I came up with the idea in mid-December. I had a few ideas prior to that of some cool costumes to make with his wheelchair; I could make them really cool too but this idea, is just plain "over the top".

The only challenge is finding the headpiece, not sure I can make that myself since I've never made "hair" but heck, I can probably make it if I can't find what I need like I did when he was a scarecrow.

Too bad Halloween is just once a year. I don't even decorate for Halloween, I just like making Dear Son's costume. Not sure what I'll do until then (tapping fingers on desk).

Note: Photo credit for pumpkins is Pottery Barn (I believe).


Anne K. said...

What FUN!!!!! Isn't it great to have a plan!

So glad your New Year is off to such a great start and that Dear Son is feeling so good. Thinking of you daily!

Many hugs,


Anonymous said...

Now I can't wait to see this costume!!!

Maybe we can help you with the headpiece - can you give us a *hint*?

I know that the year I made Twinks into Raggedy Ann, I made everything but the stripedy socks and her wig (I can sew, but not THAT good! LOL!)

I guess I'll just have to wait for October!

:::runs off to put a reminder in her iphone:::

Dream Mom said...

Thanks, Anne!
Thimbelle-Ideally, I'll need a toupee for this costume but I'll see what I can do.

Kristin Drohan said...

Can't wait to see what it is. Another brillant idea, I'm sure.

Catherine said...

Oh, you are a tease. We have to wait another 9 months? We could have a baby in that time period!

I can't wait to see.

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