Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Walk

I took this photo of Dear Son the other morning after I got him up into the chair.  He's off school for the month of June and I've been pretty busy taking care of him 24/7 plus cooking all of his meals from scratch, doing the blenderized meals, plus everything else that comes with caring for him.  He's been absolutely delightful though. He loves listening to his country music every day. 

Today we went out for a small walk around our neighborhood. This is the entrance to our apartment complex. I like taking a picture of him here because of the pretty flowers.

It was really sunny (and hot!) so it made it a bit hard to take photos and view the photos I took in the sun.

He was happy to go for a walk but wouldn't smile for any pictures!
 For some reason, I didn't notice that his arm wasn't propped up on the arm rests.  He can't move his arms by himself so I have to prop them up there for him. You'll have to pardon the visor, not very manly however he refuses to wear ball caps. I tried to get him to wear them but he hates hats.  He just leans his head over until they fall off, lol. He will wear a visor so that is the best I can do to keep the sun out of his eyes.
We live in an apartment complex on the golf course. There is a river that runs along the golf course and walking trail. I just love walking the trail and never get tired of the views. We see a lot of wildlife when we walk too and it's wonderful to hear all of the birds.

I just signed another lease here however hopefully, it will be my last one. I am hoping to purchase a home next year for us. I need to find an ranch home with an open floor plan. For some reason, he wouldn't smile for the pictures today. He was thrilled to go for a walk though. Typically, he likes going for a walk with his Dad because they walk over to the movie theaters nearby and Dear Son likes to watch the girls. I told him we can't do that because Moms shouldn't go with their sons for girlwatching.
School informed me that his favorite song is, "What's a Guy Gotta Do to Get a Girl in This Town". I had to go to the cowboy lyrics website to get the lyrics. It goes something like this, "What's a guy gotta do to get a girl in this town, I don't wanna be alone when the sun goes down, just need a little someone to put my arms around, what's a guy gotta do to get a girl in this town?"

Dear Son is so sweet and it makes me sad to think he's not going to date or get married some day. I am sure he has dreams of a girlfriend like other young men his age do. It's sad.

Another picture of the trail.

He wouldn't smile for our walk however this man was walking his dog and the dog wanted to come over near Dear Son and when the man pulled the leash to pull the dog back, Dear Son cracked up. He likes someone (even a dog) getting in trouble. That was the closest I could get to a smile for pictures today.

Overall, he's doing o.k.  He's been having some severe choking episodes for the last month and I am unclear as to what is causing them. His throat muscles have deteriorated so he can't swallow/process his own secretions. As a result, they get caught in his throat and he's been choking on them. He actually had some pretty severe episodes last month that seemed almost like an allergic reaction of sorts. It started after I started a new multi-vitamin. I discontinued that and while the airway swelling seems to have stopped, he is still having some choking episodes that will require a doctor visit or two to determine if there is some underlying issue.

He'll start summer school for three weeks in July so I am looking forward to getting a little break. It's really pretty tough doing 24/7 care without any breaks. He is however enjoying his daily leg massages. I rub coconut oil on his legs and feet and he smiles every day when I rub his legs and feet. I tell him that everyone likes having their feet rubbed. I used to rub his legs/feet every day to reduce swelling however it's not really an issue like it once was but he really enjoys it so I do it anyway.
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