Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Good News, Bad News, Please Pray

The good news is that Dear Son starts school tomorrow. He'll try it for 2.5 hours and he's excited. The bad news is that I got the stomach flu today. I called Dad to come help me from 9 to 4 today but I can't really do much. I had him get everything ready for tomorrow. Dear Son has not been to school since the Friday before Halloween, that's when he got the swine flu and had respiratory failure within 48 hours of contracting it.

Please pray he does not get sick. He can not clear his airways if he vomits and I am in no position myself to take him or even go to the ER. I've only stood up twice today, outside of going to the washroom. The flu or pneumonia is the worst thing he can get. And yes, he got the swine flu, seasonal flu and pneumonia vaccine six days before contracting the swine flu.

Thank you.
Update: As of today (Friday), I am starting to feel a bit better. Dear Son went to school and did well, according to his teacher. He was exhausted and slept the entire day when he got home. I think it may have been a bit much for him. We'll have to take it slow.


Anonymous said...

Prayers said. Hugs to both of you.


Anonymous said...

Can you ask a neighbor or a friend or someone from the church to help you? I would help you if i lived near you... this is so hard on you to take care of your son while you are sick with no help. sending prayers for fast recovery...

Dream Mom said...

Thank you both.

Anon-I do have quite a few friends who have offered to help me and do whatever but I have been reluctant to take them up on it. I think it's hard for most women to accept help, it's much easier to give it than receive it.

Plus, it seems selfish to call someone and have them risk getting the flu and bringing it home to their family. Dad did help out that day and I did have some friends call to see if I needed anything. I was more concerned or panicked that Dear Son might get sick. So far, so good but I'll feel better after a few days have passed. Thanks for the offer to help though.

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