Thursday, November 26, 2009


We just got home tonight. I pushed hard for Big Academic Medical Center to release him today despite the fact that he was running a fever that kept increasing all day. When we left, it was 104 however everything else seemed fairly stable, blood cultures were negative and he had been breathing on his own for 24 hours. I'll update you in full some time tomorrow. I have a pretty aggressive respiratory schedule to keep up with and I need to stay by his bedside to make sure he's stable. The trip home exhausted him. He's still sleeping most of the time and not very alert yet. I can't say that I think he looks very good at all right now but time will tell.


Sara said...

I think that is the best thing for both you and him.

Enjoy your baby and give him a kiss for me.


admin said...

I'm glad you are home. It sounds like by far the best thing, as Sara noted, for both of you. I wish things were better. Thinking of you.

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