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Something to Makes You Think...and then...the Thogger Awards




*(not that you would...)*


*You open the door.... *






This would mess your mind up!
And certainly make you think...And on that note, I'd like to thank Neonatal Doc, who has nominated me for a Thogger, or a Thinking Blog Award. This award was originally started here. It was just a little over a year ago, when we both started blogging. That was back in the days when he didn't get 78 comments on a post. I can say that I knew him when.

It has been over a year now since I started blogging and it’s pretty amazing how many new blogs have come along. Some are really terrific and unfortunately don’t have the volume or the applause they deserve. Overall, I think the best part about blogging is getting to see a situation from the “inside out” versus the “outside in”. Having Dear Son in my life certainly opened my eyes up to the challenges and issues that face the disabled, all through the eyes of a once little boy. I was humbled by the enormity of it all. I am still amazed and impressed by the actions of those who don’t have anyone disabled in their immediate family and yet, are so caring and so aware of the challenges special needs children face. No child deserves a life of disabilities but those children do deserve to live. A commenter on my blog once said to me, that she didn’t think I was the. “type of woman who would measure her life by what she has lost but by what you were given.” I am fortunate to have been given a Dear Son, who always makes me think. In addition to him, there are a few blogs that I find particularly noteworthy. These are the blogs that make me think, and also make me thankful that they blog, so that their voices can be heard.

So in keeping with tradition, I must nominate five blogs, that haven't been tagged. I'll nominate the following five blogs:

1. The Wheelie Catholic- The Wheelie Catholic is, "A blog about inclusion of Catholics with disabilities, providing information and resources, with humorous anecdotes written by a Catholic quadriplegic.”

If you haven’t had a chance to read it, you might want to check it out. Always first class, always top notch and it always makes you think. Recently she wrote a post titled, “The Spiritual Experience of Disability”. In that she writes,

I've been asked many questions over the years about my disability. But I'm always surprised by how infrequently I'm asked this question even in religious settings: what is your spiritual experience of disability?The answer to this , of course, is different for everyone with a disability. In my case, the experience of living with a disability has deepened my faith as a cradle Catholic. I pray more, feel the presence of God more and have been led on a journey that I never anticipated…”

You can read more here. It’s no wonder “The Wheelie Catholic” was nominated for, “Best Individual Catholic Blog” in the 2007 Catholic Blog Awards.
2. OncRN-I started reading this blog and was utterly fascinated. It was fascinating being so "up close and personal" reading about the death of her patients and yet, it was like watching a train wreck. You know you shouldn't look but you couldn't help but do it. OncRN writes so beautifully and so eloquently about death. I find her posts about her dying patients, so touching and fascinating at the same time. I can only think of how lucky her patients are, to have her by their side.
3. Micro Preemie Twins: The Story of Holland & Eden. Another favorite blog. What I love about this blog, is watching these two parents, really step up to the plate and do an amazing job with their girls. Their daughters, were both born premature and have cerebral palsy. I can't fathom having to care for two children with disabilities at the same time. And yet, I am amazed by everything they do to help their daughters enjoy every day and how hard they work with their daughters, so they will have every opportunity to go as far as they can.
4. Growing Up With A Disability David is a 21 year old man with cerebral palsy. I enjoy reading David’s blog, because when he describes his physical challenges, of what it’s like to have someone help him, it gives me a glimpse into what my own Dear Son might be thinking. He’s the closest thing I have to wondering what goes on in Dear Son’s mind. But I would be short changing him immensely if that were the only reason for reading his blog. He writes very eloquently about many of the challenges facing the disabled that it’s definitely worth checking out. He is someone I admire.
5. The Wait and The Wonder- Moreena is a stay at home mother who writes a great blog. Sheis the mother to "6-year-old Annika, who is currently waiting for her third liver transplant, and 3-year old Frankie. She lives in Normal, Illinois, where she gardens avidly (but badly)." "Annika has had two liver transplants (at 12 months and 15 months of age), and is currently re-listed for a third transplant due to internal bleeding issues. Medical crises have become the stuff of normal life around here, and we worry every day about Anni's future. But we also do our best to give Anni a regular childhood, and appreciate the joys of every day not spent in the hospital. And, well, even the days spent in the hospital." What I love about her blog is how she instantly takes you inside their lives and talks about not only the challenges her children face, but the dynamics between her and her husband. I find it interesting to read. She is an excellent writer and has quite the following.

So those are the blogs that make me think. According to the rules, now that you have been nominated, you need to nominate five other bloggers who make you think, and who have not been nominated before. You need to attach a link to the original post of how it all started. You should also include the Thinking Blog Award.


sian said...

That picture makes me dizzy! I love your blog... I was telling someone about your rainy post the other day.


PS - The links are broken for Wheelie Catholic and Hollard and Eden. They're linking to Growing Up Disabled instead. Thought you'd like to know. :)

Dream Mom said...

Thanks, Sian. I had a ton of trouble with the blogger last night and it won't let me sign in this morning. The links are in my side bar in the interim. I'll check on it after work today.

I kept losing the Growing and entire paragraph last night, several times. Must have been some blogger issues last night.

Thanks for the compliment on my blog.

David said...

Dream Mom,

What a nice surprise! Thanks so much for nominating me. I really love your blog too. It's nice to hear the parent perspective. By the way, my mom and I tried your rocking chair idea for me and it worked great. I'm really enjoying it.

Thanks again for nominating me. I wish you and your Dear Son the very best.

oncRN said...

thank you so much, dream mom! you were one of my first regular readers in the beginning. your words are truly touching and flattering. thank you.

the night owl said...

Hi Dream mom,
I found your site from neonataldoc..
I could click onto the micropreemie site from your sidebar.Thanks, I am a retired baby nurse and love finding blogs about my love ...babies.I will check back with you soon. Baba

Ruth said...

Thanks so much for the nomination. This is a great way to share blogs we all enjoy. sending hugs to you and Dear Son...

Dream Mom said...

Thanks everyone. The links are finally fixed; I am sorry it took so long I have just been having a hard time with the blogger lately.

David-I am glad the rocking chair is working out for you. I had another mother come over that has a disabled son and she is looking forward to trying it out as well.

moreena said...

Thank you so much! I am really honored, especially since right now I feel like my brain has just ... stopped. Really, I can't string two thoughts together at the moment.

So this was a lovely surprise, especially coming from you, a mom who thinks deeply about not only your life with your son, but issues in our society at large. Thank you.

Karen said...

What a picture! :)

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