Friday, March 02, 2007

After the Saga...

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Ex Utero’s post today called Baby Toby-Authors' Notes, which details why we wrote this series and what our plans are for a sequel.

I’d also like to thank him for such a wonderful invitation. We had a blast writing the story and it was a pleasure to work with him. I'd also like to thank everyone who read the story. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it together.


neonataldoc said...

Hi, DM. I finished the story and left some comments over at Ex utero's blog. Good job!

Anonymous said...

very nice dream mom,thanks for the read!

chris and Vic said...

Dream Mom, I, too, wrote on Ex Utero's blog.

I realize I criticized your character (the mother) for not speaking up, but there is the flip-side of that---that you as the reader start to wonder when the character is going to speak up, get fed up, take charge---You feel that she will eventually find her voice (that is how I felt, anyway). This "waiting" for the mom to find her voice and speak up adds to the anticipation and thus to the mystery, and it leads people on, to read further. It is a great device in that way.

I am glad there is more opportunity for the mom to become a fully-realized character, to become a stronger advocate for Toby. Plus, I think mom/you has it in you to drag Tom, kicking and screaming into the present dilemma with his son. The dilemma, to me is TOBY, not the lawsuit. Just my opinion (as a former English teacher).
Chris and Vic

Ex Utero said...

You know what's weird? Not having to put up a post today. I'd gotten used to the routine.

Dream Mom said...

Thanks, everyone.

C & V-We did the story over five days. We could have gone in a lot of different directions with the story and the characters if we had more time but we felt that a Monday through Friday mini-series would hold the most interest. I thought it would have been too easy to tell the story from the mother's perspective and much more interesting to do it the way we did. Because it was our first time working together, we had written the entire series before publishing the first day. In addition, the mother's side of the story was written from her blog. As in any blog, you wouldn't expect her to air specific details (like every medical conversation or consent) nor air her dirty laundry about any issues with her husband. It's also why she refers to the doctor by his last initial instead of his full name. It wasn't until the end, that she doesn't feel like writing the blog anymore and the story is just told outright and not from her blog.

We are glad so many people read it and felt passionately enough about the characters to comment.

We look forward to writing the sequel.

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