Monday, May 27, 2013

Personalizing Your Trash Can

Sometimes, moving in can be overwhelming. It seems like there are a million things to do, one of which was to get a trash can. In our city, while we can purchase them at a big box store, it's a better deal to purchase them from the city. Of course, I chose the largest trash can they offered.  And I've been filling it every week!  

Here is the trash can "before" the new numbers.

 I wanted to put my address on it but it needed to look pretty.  When I was growing up, we had aluminum trash cans with lids on them. Back then, if someone put their address on them, they spray painted it in very large numbers on the can, often with black spray paint. The numbers were so large that they took up nearly all of the space on the can. I think this is because the "Dads" were in charge of the trash cans back then.  They'd spray paint those numbers on the can and it didn't really matter how it looked, as long as it was functional. Fast forward to 2013...I think I can not only put my address on it to make it functional, but it should be beautiful as well.

I went online to view some the fonts however I really liked this font. I thought it would look both pretty and artsy at the same time.  Originally, I was going to put it on the front of the can, however I think it looks much better on the side. I ordered the numbers from Wall Words, then followed the instructions.  I leveled the numbers and centered them on the can.  I peeled the backing off and then used the plastic card to smooth out the air bubbles.

And here is the "after".  I really liked the way it turned out. I like the size of the numbers and it is now both pretty and functional.
 Do you put your address on your garbage can?
 In other news, Matthew has been doing a little better this week.  He was having a lot of choking issues over these past few months. With his progressive disease, he's not able to swallow his own secretions so he chokes on them unless I suction them out. It's a lot of work sometimes. He was also having more seizures. We went to the neurologist last week and he adjusted his vagus nerve stimulator and he's been doing much better. The seizures decreased and he is not choking so much. My best guess is that the seizures caused the excess saliva and then he'd choke on it. 
 I'll have some more projects to share soon. I am waiting for some things to be installed and then we can take a looky loo around the new house and I can show you around.  I just ordered the shower curtain tonight then the bathroom will be done.

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Sharon said...

Hi Dream Mom,
I hope you have been busy personalizing your new home. can't wait to see what you have done with it. Hope you are and Matthew are both well.

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