Saturday, March 30, 2013

Moving Soon


I've been waiting to share this and it won't be much longer.  I am getting ready to close on our new house in the next two weeks. Everything is done and approved so it's just a matter of seeing if all of the parties can close a little sooner. Once that is done, I'll show you our new place.

The best part about the new place is that it is absolutely perfect for Dear Son. It's an open floor plan with a beautiful bedroom with double french doors off of the living area. The double french doors make it very wheelchair accessible for him. 

I don't want to reveal too much more but I think you'll be surprised.  Originally, I was looking for a 50's ranch with hardwood floors however finding an affordable one was extremely difficult.  In addition, there proved to be many challenges. Most of the 50's ranches had smaller doorways and I couldn't get the wheelchair in the rooms, and often times in the house itself. Many of the bathrooms were too small to get his bathroom wheelchair in (Dad has a smaller, portable wheelchair that he can get Dear Son into the bathroom and then he transfer him to the hydraulic bath chair.). Some of the ranches had a step or two and that made it difficult as well.

We are really excited to move to our new home.  Of course that means lots of new projects that I'll get to share.  I think the best part is that this process couldn't have gone smoother.  It was a very competitive market shopping for the home but once I found the right place, things went very well. Our current space is quite small so it will be great to have more space. I can't wait to put up a Christmas tree this year and to decorate for all of the holidays. I can't wait to plant flowers and so much more.  I'll probably wait to paint until I am in there however. Originally I planned to paint it all ahead of time however I was able to get out of my lease a month early so I need to speed things up a bit. The photo above is a picture of my former home-I sold it some ten years ago but I always loved it. It lived really well. It will be great to have beautiful home again.


Al and Kas in A Travel Trailer said...

Congratulations! I always enjoy your decorating posts. I am in the exact opposite position, moving out of my house into an RV. I hope your move goes smoothly and you are very happy in your new place.

Sara said...

I am so happy for you and Dear Son! I can't wait for pictures!

Allison L said...

Congrats! Hope you have a smooth move!

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