Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back to School...

Dear Son is doing much better. He was able to come off the oxygen this weekend and seems to be doing rather well. He is happy and is not coughing. Unfortunately, there are a few teachers and students out at school with cold/flu like symptoms. As a result, he will not be going to school tomorrow because I don't want to risk him getting sick again.
We have an appointment with the pulmonary doctor early next month. I spoke with our neurologists office today (he functions as Dear Son's primary) to get some direction and parameters with regards to school. On the one hand, I have no objection to keeping him home during the pneumonia season and I was concerned about sending him back to school with people being out. As you may recall, Ped Neuro Doc suggested keeping him home if people had any symptoms. I explained that our appointment with pulmonary was next month and asked if I should keep him out of school until then or how should I proceed. The Neuro Nurse suggested I send Dear Son for two half days a week (previously he was going three) to see how he handles it and do this until our pulmonary appointment next month. Dear Son's first day back to school will be Friday. I am a bit nervous about this-Dear Son is doing well but I don't want him to get sick again. I had instructions from the pulmonary attending to continue nebulizer treatments twice a day until his October appointment so that should help.
Regarding seizures, Ped Neuro Doc added a small amount of Valproic Acid back since his platelets came up. This worked beautifully for Dear Son since it stopped the writhing and constant tremors.
Also, while he is off of the oxygen for now, Ped Neuro Nurse suggested keeping some portable oxygen on hand as a life saving measure. I'll do that but at least the large oxygen concentrator and the large back up pump can be returned. I don't have room for all of that stuff.
On Saturday night, Dad took Dear Son for two nights. He wasn't comfortable taking him once he got out of the hospital so I kept him last weekend. On Sunday, I painted my kitchen. I washed the walls, sanded, spackled, washed and rinsed and painted two coats. I needed to get it done on Sunday since Dear Son wasn't home and because I had to work on Monday. It's a small kitchen so it took longer to move out the refrigerator and stove so I could paint behind them. I had to move them out one at a time since the kitchen was so small and then it seemed like forever waiting for the paint to dry so I could move them back. Some people suggested not painting behind the refrigerator and stove since I have to repaint it back when I move, but it would drive me nuts to pull out the refrigerator every month to sweep there and see that wall half painted. That's just not my style. It turned out nice. I have a few things to finish up and then I'll show some pictures. I am making a chalkboard out of a mirror that I had and I have a faucet to install. I haven't looked at any lighting yet or hardware. As for painting, I have two small areas to finish up but I needed Dad to remove the bifold door so I could paint the inside of the opening and then I needed to borrow a ladder to reach the area over the top of the cabinets. I live in an apartment so I was limited with what I could do so it's merely a small cosmetic update.


Earl said...

WRT painting. In the closet, I paint above the door. It can't be seen unless you walk in and look back.

Great news that DS will be back to school.

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Hello! I am glad to hear your son is getting better little by little and that his Dad took him for a couple of nights. I would normally say you should have rested with all you have been through, but it was good that you did your painting - it probably got rid of a lot of stress! Good for you.

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