Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July...A Lazy Summer Day

Dear Son and I enjoy taking walks in our area. I thought I might show you the walking trail near our apartment. It was one of the reasons I moved here. I think it's important to have a nice trail close to home, so it's easy to use. We walk this most days from June through October. I took the photos in order along the trail. Walking across the street, we start at the clubhouse of our apartment complex.

Going around the clubhouse is the swing (not pictured) which overlooks the river that runs along the apartment complex and golf course. The trail runs parallel to the clubhouse swimming pool, which is in the background. Our pool is quite nice, complete with fountains and pretty landscaping.

It's always relaxing walking along the trail and looking out over the river. We see a lot of ducks here and the red winged blackbirds are his favorite; they sing to him all of the time.

The bunnies come out here. We also see some beautiful butterflies in this area. These are the townhomes next to our apartment complex.

Passing more luxury townhomes.

I always love the look of paths in an area.

We see the blue herons in this area along the riverbank.

There are many bridges over the river. We are standing on one looking over the river and golf course. We've walked about a quarter of a mile at this point, not very far.

On the opposite side of the golf course are the homes that back up to the golf course. We love the pretty flowers here.

This is one of my favorite areas.

A nice picture of Dear Son and his pretty blue eyes. He is always quiet for most of our walks but he really loves them. It's getting a bit hard to push him though. The trail is not quite level; something you wouldn't notice if you were walking alone but something that is quite noticeable if you are trying to balance and push a hundred pound wheelchair with a young man in it!

Looking across the golf course. Our apartment complex in on the left in the rear of the picture.

More views of the golf course and nature area.

We are at the one mile mark about now. The entire trail is about 2.85 miles, or at least that is what we typically walk.

We walked to the end and are heading back home now.

I love this area here. Very secluded and tranquil. We see lots of squirrels and hear some beautiful song birds in this area.

Only 1/4 of a mile from home now. I love these bushes.

Almost home. Dear Son loves the sounds of the fountains in the front of our clubhouse. He always looks at them when we pass them.

Done! Time for a nap in the chair. Wiggles, our cat is eyeing the top of the chair, his favorite spot.
Notice his short legs!

We hope you enjoyed our little walk. I hope you get some time to get out and enjoy the weather and take some time to relax.
As for Dear Son, he's been having a hard time these past few days. He had another big seizure on Wednesday and couldn't go to school. Ped Neuro Doc increased one of his meds however it may take a bit for us to see the effect. Dear Son continues to have seizures, along with some severe choking episodes at night. I haven't slept much in the last two days and neither has he. Typically, I see more choking episodes as the seizures increase. Last night was a bit better than the night before and I am hoping we get some sleep tonight. He continues to be agitated and restless at times, which I suspect are also seizure related.
Have a wonderful holiday.


Mary said...

Dear Son is so handsome! The walks along the path look wonderful and refreshing, and I'm sure he enjoys the flowers, the water, the birds, and especially time on a stroll with Dear Mom! What a wonderful way to celebrate July 4th. I hope Dear Son feels much better tomorrow. Bless you both! Mary

Daisy said...

What a beautiful place to go for a walk! You are very lucky to have that right outside your front door!

Poppy Q said...

Dream Mom, thanks for taking us along on your walk. Your apartment is situated in lovely grounds, and although I am sure it is hard work it must be good fitness for you and a nice opportunity to get out of the house. Our neighbourhood is not nearly as beautiful, and we wish we lived somewhere as relaxing.

I am sorry the seizures are not settling, you must be exhausted. We hope you both get some relaxing time.

Julie and Poppy Q

Anne K. said...

Thank you so much for taking us on this walk with you! I've read so much about how exposure to nature is such an important part of all children's education. My daughter teaches in an inner-city school in New York and she goes to some extraordinary efforts to incorporate nature into her curriculum. Just seeing the lovely sights, sounds, and smells that Dear Son enjoys on your walks, it was clear to me how important this sort of stimulus and point of view must be to a special-needs child as well. You are so wonderful to always provide for every aspect of his needs! Hope he's doing better now and that you can all sleep. Thinking of you often.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday today, Dream Mom! And you truly are a dream mom. Your son has the best mom a child could have. He is so loved and cared for. You are a blessing to him, making his life comfortable and happy. You will be blessed for all that you do and all that you are to him!

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