Friday, July 31, 2009

Dream Playroom Makeover~Part IV~Finished!

The playroom is finally finished. Over the past few days, I discussed the overall plan design for this playroom. The client wanted a playroom for a seven year old girl. I created this playroom with four distinct areas: 1) The closet. 2) The vanity. 3) The desk. and 4) The reading area. Above is a photo of the new chair and bookshelf. This was a very small room and I wanted it to be a room for play but also a room she could grow in. I wanted her to be able to create art as well as do homework and read. Since the area was so small, I used a low back recliner in the seating area. This chair is comfortable for reading as well as relaxing. A black pillow edged with feathers adds a little whimsy to the space.
Because the space was so small, I wanted to use a narrow bookshelf. This bookshelf, by Home Decorators, is only 18 inches wide. It's not only the perfect size, but it has little lips on the back of the shelves to keep the books from falling off the shelf. Above you can see the cow that I originally purchased at a second hand shop, then repainted and added some bling.

A better picture of the chair and the bookshelf.
Sweet accessories such as pictures of her little friends.

The black accessories were found at Target. They were less than $5 each. The mirror, picture frame and cow were second hand finds. The cow and mirror were repainted.

The kitty adds coziness to the bookshelf and keeps the room from looking too grown up.

Before picture of the room. Notice all of the books and toys. I sorted all of the toys and books then worked with the homeowner to donate a lot of the items. I would estimate that 65% of all of the items in the room were donated. Now, the little girl just has her favorite toys.

After picture of the same area. The chest of drawers were from IKEA. The rug, which I absolutely love, is from Home Decorators and was around $230. While we could have used a cheaper nylon rug, that is sold in many of the children's sections, I opted for this one instead. It has a great feel when you go in the room. The homeowner agreed. I tried to spend the money on the items that they'd have a while and less money on the accessories that she would grow out of. The old carpet was replaced with wood laminate flooring.
More before pictures.

The same area after I made it over. Moving clockwise around the room, you can now see the desk area. The chest of drawers are from IKEA. The chest of drawers on the left stores her Barbie dolls and their clothes. When I started organizing this room, she had 54 Barbie dolls! I only had one growing up. The desk they had, I just repurposed it here. A newer desk may have made the space look too grown up. The heart cut outs on the desk help retain a youthful look. The top is worn so if she spills paint or anything, it will be fine. The chest of drawers on the right, holds coloring books, paper, sticker books, stickers and any art supplies.
I made the valence from a single panel. I edged it with black trim and used the remaining drape to recover the chair.
I added a picture of her pedicure in one frame and her manicure in the other one on the other side. I added a polka dot ribbon to the white shelves.I added glass tops to the chest of drawers. For the tops of the dressers, I added black and white gift wrapping paper. I was originally inspired by these black and white Hannah Montana coloring papers that the little girl had however I could not find any in the size to fit these chest of drawers so I used the wrapping paper instead. A to Z iron bookends complete the look.
A picture of the desk area and chest of drawers.Picture of the desk with the heart shaped cut outs. I had the chair painted and recovered the seat with the drapery fabric I had leftover from the valence.
Moving clockwise around the room, here is another before photo.

The same area, after the makeover. I used magazine holders from IKEA to store coloring books and school papers. Moving clockwise, you see the vanity.

I created the headband holder from a paper towel holder. It works brillantly. I used craft organizers to hold her hair bands. A pretty wallwords monogram is placed beneath the glass top of the child's desk that I used for her vanity.
The necklace and bracelet holders I found in the craft section of the store. I repainted them white and added scrapbook stickers. A black wood oval mirror completes the vanity.

A zebra box holds her nail polish and is a fun accessory. She just loves it. I added a black and white polka dot bow to the chair for a little color.

Simple routines on the pullout shelf will help instill organization.

A pretty view of the vanity.

Behind the door are LOL hooks! I found the hooks in a hot pink color and spray painted them black to match the room.
Moving clockwise around the room, the chalkboard is on the other side of the door. The chalkboard was in the room in the beginning and the child uses it. I simply added some magnetic holders to the top to store her chalk. Above the chalkboard is the letter "e". I swapped out the original ribbon for one that coordinates with the rest of the room. The closet doors recieved new hardware that matches the vanity. I chose smaller hardware that was easy for little hands to grasp and open.

A picture of the closet before. It was not very functional.

A picture of the closet after the Rubbermaid shelving system and newly painted.
And finally, the reading area. The little girl loves to read here and play her Hannah Montana guitar. Overall, she loves the space, as does her mother. She does her hair at the vanity every morning, does homework at the desk and loves to play in there. She loves to bring her friends over. And that is the best part. A room that is used and loved.

Since this project was a success, I've been asked to makeover the little girls bedroom. It's already been painted a hot pink and I began brainstorming and came up with a princess theme inspired by a tiara I saw on a pillow. I drew up plans for the room, including a giant tiara, which I was going to hand paint over the queen size bed. I decided to talk to the mother, to get some ideas of what the little girl would like and it appears I am thinking a little too young. The little girl wants a "rock star" bedroom. I would imagine it may have been inspired by Hannah Montana! So a "rock star" bedroom it is! I have a ton of ideas for that...I'll do a stage...
To see the entire playroom makeover, click here.

Note: I am a Professional Organizer/Home Stager and run a business called, "Dream Organizers." My motto is, "Keep it simple. Get organized. Make it beautiful."


Lois Grebowski said...

I want a playroom. Wow, that looks just wonderful!

Mitzi said...

Great Job! What a lucky little girl.
I'd love an organized room like that for myself. Hope Son is doing well.

OrganizingGuy said...

Kudos from a fellow organizer. Nice work.

Anne in NY said...

Stunning, stunning, stunning! I'm with Lois - I want a playroom now, too!!! :-)

Mary said...

This is absolutely beautiful! What little girl, or big girl, wouldn't want a room like that to play in?! Love the kitty - I thought it was real! Is it real??? Very, very nice!

Erin said...

This is fantastic!!! What a huge transformation. I love all the black and white!

(54 Barbies?! holy cow!)

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on House of Turquoise! I've got to find some pics of Cher's house...sounds amazing!

Favors With Love said...

Super great job on this room! I am so loving it! I just today had my living room painted green! Needed the inspiration on the decor though!

Cara@TheSheetBoutique said...

Thanks for all the detailed comments about how you did this room. I love the color scheme... it's classy but girly and she's got lots of years to "grow into it".
Great JOB!

Brittanie said...

I have been searching for an easy-to-make headband holder and this looks perfect. Did you put a roll of papertowels on the holder or make something else to be held by the holder. I would LOVE your input. please email me

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