Saturday, August 11, 2012


My apologies for the delay in posting. It's been a busy summer!  Here is a photo of Dear Son at a doctor's visit the other day. He's doing amazingly well.  He is having one significant choking/swallowing problem and I am not sure what more we can do. His throat muscles are deteriorating with his progressive disease and he is unable to process his secretions.

In other news, I have completd his transition to a blenderized diet. He really likes it and he losing weight too. I am pretty excited. You can see above that he looks great.  I am still giddy when I see him happy and smiling; you can just tell he feels so good now.

Today, I want to share with you a new purchase I made recently. On the back of Dear Son's wheelchair, I have two backpacks (here is his wheelchair in the hallway outside my apartment). The outer backpack stores an extra pair of clothes for school (he is incontinent due to his disabilities), the outer pocket stores his school notebook and the inner backpack, or backpack on the inside stores his emergency supplies.

While the back pack was organized, it wasn't much fun to get out the supplies you need. I had the supplies organized into ziplock bags. Here are the contents of the emergency bag before I purchased "Joy Mangano's Better Beauty Case".

And here is the after. I used the smaller beauty case to store the magnet that activates his Vagus Nerve Stimulator. I also use it to store an extra g-tube button, a first aid kit for his g-tube (this is in case it ever fell out) and some rubber gloves.

In the larger case, I keep everything for feeding and medications.  In this bag, I store some syringes and extension tube in the first one, meds/pill crusher and a container to mix the meds in the second case. The third case holds formula. While I rarely use it, it is convenient sometimes.  In the last case, I store rubber gloves, hand sanitizer and a washcloth.

Here is a close up of the bags.

Of course I labeled everything, just like before:)

The kit included two extra zipperd pouches. I used one to store two extra feeding bags and the other ones to store rubber gloves for diaper changes.

Here are the large and smaller bags.

Here are the bags and the extra cases.

The cases are great because they fold up like this.

This is what they look like from the front.

Here is everything again. I just love these bags.  There is a reason they sold 150,000 of these in one day. Can you believe that?  These bags are genius!  You could use these for so many things-you could put them in an infant diaper bag, you could use them as a travel bag with kids toys, you could use them to store coloring/art supplies for the kids. You could use them for Barbie doll accessories and shoes. And of course you could use them for beauty/travel supplies. They would be great for arts and crafts or taking  your knitting supplies somewhere. Thousands of uses. Really!

I purchased the bags as a "today's special" for only $25 which included shipping and handling.

And finally, one more picture of Dear Son.  I took this picture when I was getting ready to feed him his "real food" meal after he came home from his Dad's. Dad still feeds him formula however you could tell Dear Son was so excited to get back to his Mama's home cooked meals.

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