Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear Son~School Visit

As you may or may not know, Dear Son has not been able to go to school since he got the swine flu/viral pneumonia in November. Although he has recovered from those, he is still not able to sit up very long and he is unable to clear his airways; since he can't clear his airways, he is not allowed to return to school until cold/flu season is over since if he got sick, he might never recover. His last day of school was at the end of October. In the meantime, we got a visit from his teacher and his aide (CNA). She brought him a little scrapbook they made at school to show him what they have been doing. He really enjoyed it!

He also enjoyed visiting with his aide, although I didn't get a picture of her. I didn't realize I didn't take it until later! Dear Son was having such a good time with his teacher that I couldn't help but take out my camera.

During her visit, we talked about going back to school, maybe starting with some home visits and then a trial visit to school. Today, I received notice that they will require him to be able to sit up 2.5 to 3 hours at a time. Currently, Dear Son can't sit for more than an hour without being in pain so we are a long way away. We really need to get him back in school, not only for his mental well being (He is happiest when he is around other people.) but to help him move his feet and legs again. Prior to the November hospitalization, he could move his feet and legs in his bed, he could move his feet to swivel the recliner and move his toes. Now, he can't move his feet, legs or even his toes on his own. (This is problematic, since I need to keep moving him so he doesn't get pressure sores.) His only means of communication now, is a moan, or if I ask him if he wants to turn over in his bed, he'll move his shoulder slightly to let me know he wants to be turned. In addition, prior to the hospitalization, when I turned him over in his bed, he could move his arm for me; now when I go to turn him, I have to move his hips and then move his arm. I am hoping the physical therapist can help him with that to make it easier for him and for me.
After she left, she followed up with a video of Dear Son at school last year, however blogger couldn't process it. I tried last night for a while and today as well however blogger has known issues with video processing; for some reason it hangs in the processing mode. If anyone has a work around, I'd love to hear it.

We follow up with the neurologist next week.


Jaymie said...

That smile of Dear Son's is wonderful! I hope it made you feel as spectacular as it looks.

Prayers for you, Dear Son and Dear Dad continue. What a battle, no war, you have faced and continue to face. My admiration and awe goes out to you.

Megan said...

He looks so happy!

Kristin@Boulevard Interior Design said...

Oh, it is good to see the smile.

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