Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tablescape Thursday~Gilded Christmas Tablescape

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday hosted by our lovely hostess Susan, at her blog, "Between Naps on the Porch." This week, I created a "Gilded Christmas Tablescape".

This week, I chose my favorite china, Mikasa French Embassy Red to be the star of my table. As you may recall, I chose this fine bone china some twenty three years ago when I first got married. While other brides were choosing white with silver or platinum edging, I knew when I saw this pattern that this was it. I knew that I would never get tired of red and gold for Christmas. Let's take a look around.
I paired my china with a white tablecloth as a base and then added a sheer embroidered gold topper. I made the matching napkins myself.
I chose the stemware for it's simple elegance. I love the swirl on the stem and love the gold edging at the top. The pattern is Lenox Monroe.
I embellished the napkins with these little gold cherubs. My Christmas tree consists of a musical theme with rich cranberry ribbons with gold music printed on them. The ornaments are some variation of crystal and gold. I have gold cherubs playing musical instruments, gilded mirrors on the tree, some blown glass ornaments as well as various crystal ornaments and some more music themed ornaments. I think the pattern looks very regal here.

I think this tablescape could almost pass for a state dinner. If it did, I am sure they would be serving something like this:
  • Mary Randolph's Golden Onion Soup
  • Sage-Roasted Goose with Bourbon Gravy
  • Braised Red Cabbage
  • Apple-Cranberry Compote
  • Caraway Buttermilk Biscuits
  • Twelfth Night Cake

This menu was created by Colonial Homes Magazine (now defunct) many years ago. It was based on recipes that were inspired by the 1824 cookbook, "The Virginia Housewife" by Mrs. Mary Randolph. She was related to both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Her Golden Onion Soup looks amazing. During the holidays, I absolutely love making recipes that have been in the family for generations. I think it's important to document those recipes so they live on. For many years, I took holiday meals for granted. It wasn't until a few years back when Dear Son was hospitalized over Christmas that I realized what a gift it is to spend time with our families sharing a meal. I love this photo of the table.

One of my favorite Christmas photos of Dear Son. What a cute little boy he was! He was trying to pull the lights off of the Christmas tree. He never had much use of his hands so it was always a good thing when something interested him enough to try to use them. I can't tell you how many years I had trees with the bottom lights pulled off.

I got the centerpiece years ago. I love the flame at night through the crackled glass. It's very romantic and I am all about romance. I also love very elegant, over the top rooms.

A view of the Christmas tree before dinner. This year I embellished the tree with white roses as well. The room is really quite glamorous when you are sitting looking at the tree.
A little crystal Christmas tree dish.

Lots of votive candles and tealights in cut crystal tealight holders. They really sparkle with all of the candlelight. I love how the red and gold pop in these photos.
The crystal sconces, the gilded mirror and the cranberry embellished wreath.

The gilded mirror, my absolute favorite possession. Over dinner, I will tell you the story behind the mirror. Some day, I will have a proper place for it. It will be over the fireplace, in a really tall room, filled with crown molding, a large gilded, crystal chandelier and other Louis XV antique furniture, which I absolutely adore.
Another view of the tablescape.

One last shot of my gilded, antique, Louis XV mirror.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas tablescape. You can view more tablescapes here. It's been a pleasure being part of such a lovely group.
Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and Christmasy. And the best part is how you were so glad when your son pulled the lights off the tree.

Where does all of the dishware come from? You have a lovely tablescape every week....are the dishes and other items owned or borrowed?

Dream Mom said...

Anon-Thanks for the compliment! The dishes and everything in the tablescapes are all things I've had for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I am so blown over by the beauty of the whole she-bang... Such beautiful china, crystal and flatware.

I used to work in the tabletop business. Had many many sets of china. Now down to two patterns (I passed down everything to my nieces and stepdaughters)...about 15 huge plastic tubs full (seriously!)

Sending wishes for all the joiys and blessings season brings. give Dear Son a big hug from me.

Sherry said...

I love, love your china! The angels and organza are perfect too. Nice job!

Mimi said...

Lovely...I can see why you chose that particular china...love the red and gold, so festive. Your centerpiece is stunning. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas!

Sharlotte said...

I just love red and gold. Your table is indeed very elegant! All your extra pieces are just gorgeous, especially your mirror! Thanks so much for sharing. Merry Christmas!

Gloria said...

Dear Dream Mom: I am new to your blog - I have bookmarked your blog so that I can read more about your son after Christmas (you know how hectic days are right now! And I want to be able to devote time to blogs about your son). You ARE a dream mom because you have a lovely home, lovely tablescape - but I can tell you devote probably a TREMENDOUS amount of time to your son. And so your tablescapes are probably truly is an 'escape' and a joy for you. I have a teenage son and it is "trying" for me at times - so I cannot even imagine what you have to go through with a disabled teenager. So my hat is off to you, and I wish you and your son a wonderful holiday and I look forward to reading about your son in your previous blogs after the holidays. God bless your son.
Best regards,
Gloria V

Lana K. W. Austin said...

Ooooh....this is so elegant and gorgeous. The red is SO AMAZING! I need this china....maybe Santa is listening! I'll be praying for your son. You are a saint. Store up your treasures in heaven--you are indeed!
Love, Lana

Martha said...

Such a beautiful table and how smart you were -- the china goes very well for Christmas AND it's great for the rest of the year as well! Who needs Christmas tree china!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

This is a beautiful table and it does look like a state dinner! Everything looks quite elegant and romantic. Your pick of china is lovely -- Christmas and all year. Love the mirror and the wreath you have on it.

Wishing you a most Merry Christmas and that you and your dear son will have many blessings throughtout Christmas and the new year.

Stephanie Lynn said...

Your tablescape is absolutely stunning. I love the china pattern and adore the rich reds and glamorous golds. Simply gorgeous! Happy Holidays!

Dining Delight said...

So beautiful! The candle centerpiece is simple yet elegant. The dishes are a great colour and look Christmas-y. That mirror with the wreath on it is my favourite picture! Stunning!


Ldy ~~ Dy said...

You were so wise to chose the red and gold colors when you were married. Talk about thinking ahead! They are so beautiful and work so nicely in a Christmas dinner setting. Reds and Golds are absolutely the best! I love your antique Louis XV mirror!! Your tablescape and dining room are beautifully done! Merry Christmas.

Coty Farquhar said...

What an elegant table and you home looks just beautiful.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope next year is filled with love and that all your wishes come true.

xx Coty

Ellen said...

Hello! I just found your blog, and WOW! Do you know how to set a gorgeous table! You have an amazing eye, I am sure it was all enjoyed. I'm Ellen, mom to Max, a seven-year-old with mild cerebral palsy due to a stroke at birth, and Sabrina, a four-year-old with attitude.

It is nice to meet you! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Tardevil said...

Love those dishes! It's all beautiful!

Gloria said...

Dearest Sue: I finally had some time after Christmas to log on and REALLY appreciate your tablescape and thoroughly read your comments. And you know what? Your tablescape DOES look like a state dinner! (Plus RED is my favorite color!) And it was so heart-warming to hear about your dear boy when he was little pulling the bottom lights off the tree every year. After he did it the first year, you probably waited for him to do it again the next year, correct? That is so precious and a good memory. I STILL have to catch up on your older posts - as I've said, I am new to blogging and reading past posts and I have so much to catch up on! Happy New Year and may you and your family and, especially your dear boy, have a healthy and happy new year.
Best regards,

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