Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Dear Son's Dad

Happy Father's Day to Dear Son's Dad and all of the fathers today. Dear Son has been blessed with a great Dad who is always there to help. As Dear Son weakens, we rely on Dad more. Now that I can no longer lift Dear Son in and out of the car, Dad needs to accompany us on all doctor visits, along with all other visits. The list of his visits seems to grow longer every day. In August alone, we have senior portraits, a visit to the orthotics place, the pulmonary doc and the pediatric neurologist among other things.
Here is Dear Son's new recliner/rocker we got on Craigslist for $150.
Dad helps out financially too, without my asking. In May, when Dear Son was hospitalized for weeks, he paid for all of my parking at the hospital, which was a few hundred dollars; then there was the summer school after school program, another couple hundred dollars, along with all of the medical co-pays, another $500 plus dollars and today, we are getting a new (to us) leather recliner for Dear Son from Craigslist, since Dear Son is losing his ability to sit up in his rocker. I could never do all of this working part time plus taking care of Dear Son 24/7.

But it's not just physical and financial help that he gives Dear Son. He brings a great attitude when he comes over and tries to make Dear Son laugh. He worries about the little things with Dear Son and takes good care of him when it's his weekend. I can rest easy at those times and not worry about Dear Son.

Taking care of Dear Son is not an easy task, especially now that he has grown so much and continues to grow! Raising a child, and especially a special needs child, is not a one person task. I could never provide the good care that I do without the support and assistance from Dad. He works with me to help provide the best care we can for our son, even though we are divorced. And for that, I am thankful. So today, we'll honor Dad on his special day. We only wish all special needs children were as lucky. For they could use a father like him.


Becca said...

awww, Happy Father's Day, Dream Dad.

Incidentally, Dream Mom, may I suggest that your and Dear Son's lives might be improved a lot by getting a vehicle that he can travel in without being lifted out of his wheelchair? I know they're not cheap to come by but there are a lot of foundations, charities etc to turn to that exist purely for that purpose.

Ashley's Mom said...

Such a wonderful tribute to Dad. I wish my children had a Dad that was just as wonderful...

Poppy Q said...

Happy belated fathers day Dream Dad. Dear son is lucky to have such a great father like you in his life. With all the challenges he faces, we are glad that you are able to help and to give him smiles and laughter.

Well done dad.

Anonymous said...

Father and son really look alike, too.

But his father *ought* to be helping. It's not as though he should be getting extra credit for doing so. After all, he is half of the parental unit. I think you are the kindest and most generous person in the world.

Your house is incredibly beautiful inside. Your taste is simply wonderful. I have hand-me-down furniture, covered with cat hair, pushed against the walls.

Dream Mom said...

Thank you all.

Anon409-Thank you for all of the compliments!

As for Dad, it's just nice on Father's Day to acknowledge what he does-yes, you are correct, he is the father but on mother's day, I enjoy being appreciated for all I do as a mother, even though many of things are just things I "should" do as a Mom. LOL!

Give your kitty a good chin scratching for me.

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