Monday, October 02, 2006

Lovely and Amazing-You Made My Day

Most days I still go out to the Site Meter and check to see how many visitors have stopped by my site. Since I’ve quit blogging (although I still write), I have seen the numbers dwindle, however the past few days the numbers have been double. I often check out to see where the referrals are coming from, and most often they are from people doing a google search for information on Hayley Rey and come across the blog I wrote about her some time ago. Most want to know how tall she is, is she anorexic and some want to know about how much money Dr. Rey makes. I don’t know the answer to any of these questions.

Today, I came across a referral and I clicked on the link. It was from a blog called, “Lovely and Amazing”. This blog details a woman’s life with her two children, one of which has Down’s Syndrome. As I clicked on this link, titled “Humble Pie”, I read the most amazing compliment. Here is an excerpt:

“That was my second piece of humble pie today.

Then, as I continued on my cyber cruise, I happened upon true greatness. A woman whose words made my body tingle all over in the way only a superb writer can; a feeling that can only be evoked by a beautiful description of a heartwrenching experience. I strongly encourage you to visit Dream Mom, a blog that is no longer active, but one that is of the highest caliber and written with the eloquence, class, and passion of an old soul. She is whom I want to be when I grow up.

As I glimpsed the moments of her life that she has frozen in time, I sat awestruck at my computer. Awestruck by the beauty inherent in those moments and in her life with Dear Son, and awestruck by the intensity of her life experience.

That, blogland, that was when I threw my fork aside and shoved my entire face in the pie pan. I devoured that humble pie.

Reading Dream Mom's entry Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful also made me realize that maybe my family hasn't been victimized by circumstance; maybe it was only fair that both of my children were born with these two oft described defects. Afterall the yin and yang of life bespeaks of a very delicate balance in nature, one in which you can't have everything..."

Thanks Emily, for making my day. If you get a chance, I urge you to check out her blog called, Lovely and Amazing where she details her life with her daughter Emma Jayne, her Wonder Babe.


Emily Elizabeth said...

No, thank you. You are one amazing lady; one amazing writer; one amazing mother.

Dear Son is absolutely beautiful too.

Eleanor Velasco said...

Hum. I will check out the blog - it sounds fab. I know you are tired, but you will let us know how you & Dream Son are, won't you? x

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I know exactly what you are going through, but I do hope you know that there are many of us who have quietly read your blog, and who have learned from you.

We have learned from your grace and dignity.

We have learned from your patience and consideration.

We have learned from your devotion and loyalty.

I think I am a better Mom for having met you.

Thank you for letting us peek into your life, your love for Dear Son, your very heart.

Ex Utero said...

I still have links to your blog. I still use it to teach medical students about quality of life issues.

I think about you every time I open my own blog and see your site there on the blog roll.

neonataldoc said...

You're still welcone to write anytime you feel like it. Like others, I now and then check your blog to see if you've started it up again.

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