Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween! Donald Trump wheelchair costume!

Happy Halloween! Even though we don't go out trick or treating, I still enjoy making a costume for Matt. We had a lot of fun doing it. He was laughing and smiling until I put the wig on and then he didn't like it very much. The wig was very small so maybe that was it. Overall, Matt never likes anything touching his face or his head. You can't blame a man for not wanting to wear a wig lol.
I thought it would be fun to have him be Donald Trump. The wig did not look anything like the wig on the package! This wig looks nothing like Donald Trump but it does make you laugh. To me, Halloween is all about having fun with your kids, making them laugh and having a good time. I think we did that.
 Here is a close up of the White House. I made it as accurate as I could but when you do it on such a large scale you have to really keep it simple. I really couldn't do all of the columns, windows and everything so I just scaled it way down. I added some window treatments and some flower boxes even though they don't really exist. I added the gold Trump letters since he usually puts his name on everything. It was a fun costume to create.
 I was kind of disappointed in that I couldn't get any pictures of Matt smiling. The wig was really very tight and very small and that kind of ruined it. Of course he smiled as soon as I took it off! That's the way it goes sometimes. He's a really happy kid and he is a fantastic kid. I couldn't be more blessed.
In other news, my good friend and neighbor died in July shortly after I created my last post. Two weeks ago, we lost Scott's mother at 94 years old. She was an orthopedic nurse for 50 years and retired from nursing at the age of 72. She fell and broke her ankle and leg when she fell in the hallway of her home. They had to do surgery immediately and put a rod from her artificial hip down into her leg. She had to go in a nursing home and was there for a month and never recovered. She just wasn't interested in rehabilitation and learning to walk again. That's pretty tough to do at 94. It's really been a sad time for us. I miss my mother immensely. It is going to take a very long time to get through that. My mother in law was a wonderful lady. Great sense of family and always made everyone feel welcome. I will miss her dearly as well.

Matt is doing fairly well. We are having some issues from time to time with his breathing. A few weeks ago he almost went into respiratory failure. He was not sick or anything and he was actually on 3 liters of oxygen when it happened. He is on night time oxygen because he stops breathing at night sometimes and this occurred in the morning. I tried turning up the oxygen and when that didn't work, I knew he was in trouble.  I immediately got him out of his bed and put him into a chair to sit him upright and he recovered. I spoke to the doctor previously about what to do in case of an emergency or if he had some breathing issues. He had suggested sitting him upright since he can move oxygen around much better that way. I contacted his doctor and we did some xrays and even though Matt was not sick it appears that there is some scarring in his lungs from all of those pneumonias and Matt has some damage from all of that. He is not able to move air around very well. We will follow up with the doctor again to see if there's anything more we can do for Matt. He isn't sick and he's doing quite well right now so that is good. We see the head of adult pulmonary at big academic medical center. He is also the medical director over the ICU. He is an expert in ventilation, respiratory failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome and a host of other issues, all of which Matt has had, lol. So I do believe we have the right guy.

Other than that, things are okay here. Will try to post when I when I can.


home decor said...

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Dream Mom, You and your handsome son crossed my mind and I'm so glad I stopped by. The costume is fantastic!
I hope you both continue to do well.

Dream Mom said...
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Dream Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by! It is great to hear from you again! We had a lot of fun doing this costume.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dream Mom,
I love the Trump costume! That really brightened my day! You are so creative!
I wish you and Dream Son a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year. I know it will be a hard Christmas without you mum. This has been a hard year for you. Sending love and gratitude to you for your words and photos, which I enjoy so much. Peace and joy in 2016,
A friend

Anonymous said...

Dream mom,
It's been a while since we corresponded and I am sorry for your losses this year, especially your mother. I lost mine over four years ago and it is never the same.
As usual, you seem to let beauty and grace have a big part in your life, from your decorating to your magnificent care of Matthew. The costume is funny but I'm sorry Matt didn't seem to enjoy it. I wish you a great 2016 with health and happiness. Marcy

Dream Mom said...

Hi Marcy, It's nice to hear from you. Thank you so much for your kind words about my Mom. It's been a really sad time but it is getting better. It will never be the same but I know anyone who has lost their mother feels the same way. I miss her so much. Matthew is doing great however and yes, he didn't like the wig on the costume but he did like dressing up. The wig was just way too small, lol. I have to think of some costumes where he doesn't need to wear a wig. Wishing you a great 2016 as well. Take care, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dream Mom,
I wonder how you are doing. Who would have thought Trump would still be in the race a year later? Looks like you can use that costume again.... and again??!? The costume is very well done.
I hope you and Matt are doing well. Sending good thoughts your way. Thank you for your inspiring posts.

Dream Mom said...

Thanks! It's funny I was just thinking the same thing yesterday! I don't keep his costumes though.

Matt's doing pretty good but his implanted device is about ready for a battery replacement so he's had some increased seizure activity but overall remains really healthy and happy!

Rennie said...

Miss your posts, Sue! Hope all is treats and no tricks with you and Matt.

Earl said...


Dream Mom said...

Thanks! Happy Halloween to both if you too! Thanks for stopping by! It's great to hear from old friends.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dream Mom,
I remembered you today and wondered if you were still posting. I followed you for years when I was a caretaker of my elderly mother. I adored your grace and courage. You were at that time a daily comfort and inspiration. My caretaking days are long over, however I'm now in the mothering a son years, yet your loving blog is as valuable to me as ever. We would all love an update of how you and Matt are doing when you have the time. What a lovely presence you've been on the web.
All the best,

Dream Mom said...

Thank you Justyna for your kind words. That means a lot. We are doing pretty good.I was planning on doing an update later this weekend along with a few decor pics. Had surgery in January...will update this weekend...Sunday night or Monday.

Anonymous said...

It's been a year and a half... I hope everything is well. Please just make a quick update!!

Dream Mom said...

Thank you! I just posted an update!

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