Monday, July 08, 2013

First Look at the Foyer

I celebrated my birthday today.  My sister took me out to lunch and also brought me some pink hydrangeas from her garden.  I put them on my three drawer chest in the foyer.  I still have to install my crystal sconces on either side of the mirror yet, but overall, I love the look of these pink hydrangeas on the chest of drawers. We had a great time visiting over lunch and it's something we don't do often enough. Overall, a really nice day.  I went to visit my Mom at the nursing home prior to going to lunch so it was great to see her as well.

 I haven't done much of anything in here. I suspect I'll paint the walls within the next few months, once I decide on a color. I selected a pale pink paint color for my kitchen and if I like it, I'll use it in here as well. Martha Stewart did one of her guest houses in a pale pink color many years ago and I have always loved it. But for now, for summer, my focus is on the yard.
One of the things I like about my new house is that I have an open concept living room/foyer with a vaulted ceiling. The ceilings are nice and tall which allow me to display my beautiful Louis XV mirror. I think these pink hydrangeas look just perfect here.

 One final pretty. I am thankful to have such beautiful things.

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Sara said...

I love hearing about your new house and how you're decorating it. It's good to know that Dear Son is doing well too! Congratulations on your new house.

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