Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lowest Medical Expenses in 10 years!

As you know, Dear Son was a very sick young man for many years. Over the past ten years, he's been transported by helicopter nearly ten times, had multiple hospital admissions, had two MRSA pneumonias, countless bacterial aspiration pneumonias and viral pneumonias, the H1N1 virus as well as a few surgeries: had a gtube implanted, a Vagus Nerve Stimulator implanted, a Vagus Nerve Stimulator replaced (battery depleted and they replace it with a new model) and a lot of other unfortunate medical issues. He was also diagnosed with a progressive neurological disease one top of everything else. In 2009, several physicians at Big Academic Medical Center told me they didn't think they could save him anymore if he got pneumonia and that he would most likely die from it. He had multiple lung collapses and had been placed on a ventilator several times in the past few years with his bouts of pneumonia. They recommended palliative and hospice care during different admissions.
In 2010, I discovered Now Foods Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and I was able to stop all pneumonias from that point on. He has not had any admissions for pneumonia since September of 2010 and in a few days, it will be 18 months since he has had a hospitalization for pneumonia. On top of that, I started a blenderized diet for him on December 20th of 2011.
Last year, he had medical expenses that were much lower than previous years. In fact, his billed charges were well under six figures. I thought it might be fun to go back and check previous years. I keep spreadsheets by year and discovered that Dear Son's medical expenses were the lowest in ten years. Our highest year was 2009 with multiple admissions including the H1N1/viral pneumonia and the second was in 2006 with two MRSA pneumonias. These are billed charges of course which is prior to medical discounts. (And yes, these were covered by several insurance plans.) This year we hope for more of the same and hope our medical expenses will be even lower.
While I think most people know that nutrition is important for good health, I don't think most people understand how difficult it is to get a chronically ill person back to good health. It's certainly not easy. People are beginning to notice that Dear Son is really different now-he's more alert, engaging in more activities, not sleeping as much and just enjoying life more. At home, he's so much fun now that he feels better.
The other plus is that we need less formula which means our medical expenses will continue to decline. We are down from some 6-8 cases a month to two. I still haven't converted breakfast from formula to a blenderized diet but it will happen. Right now, I am still tweaking his diet and putting into action some items the nutritionist suggested.
On other news, this weekend I took some pictures of my desk/table that I painted. It turned out great and looks fabulous. I hope to post those in a few days.


Michelle said...

I am SO NOT surprised! However, I am still extremely excited not only for you, but for what that does for the entire country. If this happened more and they were being billed less, wouldn't it stand to reason that it might be possible for premiums, etc to go down? That's just the beginning! If our government wasn't spending all of this, what at times can be needless, couldn't they be putting it to other important uses? You have clearly found my soapbox! More natural treatments/therapies, less artificial crap! I have this conversation with my acupuncturist ALL THE TIME! I could go on forever, but won't do that to you and your readers. =) Again, check out both Forks Over Knives and 9000 Needles. It will solidify your believes even more. Way to go!

Dream Mom said...

Oh, I have that conversation all the time with people about using nutrition and natural remedies...I just haven't spoken about it much on the blog until lately with Dear Son.

The real benefit is better health and the fact that Dear Son and people feel better and the fact that he can begin to heal when he's not sick all the time; all of the medical expenses and health premiums benefits are extras.

You'll hear the same argument though about cancer therapy...that there really are natural remedies but those would but the cancer organizations out of business.

Today, you have to search wide and far for natural rememdies...a lot of people give lip service to wanting to find natural remedies and yet, when people do, there is a definite push back to promote those.

Sara said...

How much coconut oil do you give him? I've been having issues with my memory lately and I was told to take 3T every day. Do you have any documentation on coconut oil you could pass along?

I'm so happy to hear about Dear Son! Yay for you!

Dream Mom said...


Check out the blog, Coconut Oil and ketones. Dr. Mary Newport writes the blog and she just wrote a book (there are links on the blog to Amazon) that talks about coconut oil and how she used it for her husband that has Alzheimer's. I think that is your best resource.

I give my son 1 tbsp per day to prevent colds/flu/ can certainly do more, that's just what we do.

Good luck.

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

That is such wonderful news. I'm really happy to hear that he is feeling better! I've never heard of taking coconut oil but now I'm certainly intrigued!

Sarah P. said...

Just catching up on your blog and I, too, am intrigued by the coconut oil. I need to go to the blog you referred to and read about it. I'm totally convinced in nutritional therapies.

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