Saturday, March 03, 2012

I wanted to share some pictures of Dear Son. We went to the opthalmologist a little over a week ago for a follow up visit and some lab work. We were at Big Academic Medical Center for several hours. During that time, I couldn't help but notice how different he is versus a few years ago. He was happy, holding his head up, sitting up straight in his wheelchair and looking around. He had a grand time watching everyone. By the time I realized how good he looked, I tried taking some pictures with my camera phone but by then, his eyes were dilated and they weren't as good. Since I've been blogging for six years and taking so many photos of him, I can't help but notice how different he looks now that he is well. The real food blenderized diet is working so well. He just looks better. It's as if a veil has been lifted and now that all of the sickness is gone, he can just be himself.
I took these photos at 7 a.m., right before he went down on the bus. I asked him to smile and he was all smiles for the camera. His one on one aide at school said he smiles from the minute he gets there until the moment he comes home.
You can see he still has some strabimus however we won't be during surgery for that any time soon. He had strabimus on his one eye when he was ten or so however since he's a high surgical risk, we won't be doing the other eye any time soon.
We met with the nutritionist last week that specializes in blenderized diets. Nothing really new; it appears I have been doing a stellar job. His calories, water and his weight are all appropriate for his height. She had some minor tweaks that I'll incorporate but overall, things are going well.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Earl said...

He does look good. I know of two major changes for the last year, or so: the coconut oil and the fancy blender for home cooked meals. How much credit do you attribute to these changes? Earl

Have you talked to him about the MOM tatoo yet? I can just see his grin.

Dream Mom said...

Thanks, Earl. I think the coconut oil was responsible for really turning the corner and getting/keeping him well. Once that happened, his body could recover a bit and his lungs were not subjected to repeated bouts of pneumonia. If it weren't for the coconut oil, he wouldn't be here today. The real foods meals provided much joy (love) for both of us plus the added benefit where I believe he feels more "full" from them. In addition, he's getting real food versus the corn syrup in the formula plus all of the dehydrated chicken and other foods that were in the formula. Somehow to get real, organic chicken and organic proteins, along with all of the other organic fruits and vegetables, versus the stuff in the canned formulas, has to help. I did a lot of research to figure out what super foods I could give him to maximize the nutrition in those foods and to treat some of the conditions that he had . Most of those meals are cooked from scratch, made from mostly organic foods and then blended.

As for the Mom tattoo, (always makes me laugh when I read that), we'll see...I should mention he will be 21 in November and the legal drinking age...somehow tattoos and alcohol seem to go together so I'll have to keep a good eye on him in case he wants to go out with his buddies for his birthday, lol.

Mitzi said...

Dear Son looks so good! Amazing how much he has improved since I have been following your blog. What a wonderful Mom you are and what a lucky guy he is to have you. Keep smiling!

Michelle said...

Wow! It's really amazing the power that food (good food) has. Unfortunately in this country the thought is all toward the artificial and drugs to "cure" everything. Have you seen the documentary Forks Over Knives?
It is all about a foods based approach healthy living and showcases a few people and their stories, along with the doctors that follow this approach. It's is truly incredible. There is also a docu called 9000 Needles that is about traditional Chinese medicine. I HIGHLY recommend both!

Dream Mom said...

Thanks everyone.

Michelle-I haven't seen that documentary yet but I've heard about it. I do believe that food is our medicine however it is pretty amazing to see first hand the changes in Dear Son. Look out though, I haven't even added his multi-vitamin yet! I just met with the nutritionist last week and talked to her about my vitamin preferences for him. All is going well, but I've got a lot of tweeking I still want to do. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful mother doing an extraordinary job, Dear Mom..Kudos to you!!!

jankatcla said...

I miss your updates! Hope all is well and that Dear Son continues to thrive.

Dream Mom said...

Thank you so much. Yes, he continues to do well. I'll try and post again soon.

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