Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer 2011

The weather was beautiful so Dear Son and I went out for a nice walk in our neighborhood. This picture was taken on the walking trail which surrounds the golf course and runs along the river.

He's not feeling very well. He's been feeling hot the past two days and I think he was coming down with a pneumonia. His breathing deteriorated last night and I ended up doing a nebulizer treatment around 1 a.m. this morning and then I stayed up until nearly 4 a.m. watching over him. His oxygen saturation had dropped to around 87 or so, which is quite low, so I wasn't sure if we were going to have to take a trip to the ER or not. When he gets sick like that, I never allow myself to go to sleep in case he needs me. Around 4 a.m. though, I felt comfortable enough to lie down but I slept on the sofa near his bed so I could hear him breathe.
I ended up giving him several nebulizer treatments today and gave him one prior to our walk; I also gave him some extra doses of the organic, virgin coconut oil to help get rid of any infection. Usually, he smiles when I take him for a walk. Since his lunch takes three hours via his gtube, I just hook the pump on the wheelchair and take a walk. That way, he can eat and we can get outside. I call this a "picnic lunch".

This is the bridge over the river that runs along the golf course.

I like the perennials that are planted here.

This is the view as we head back home. It's my favorite part of the walk. It always looks different depending on the season. I never get tired of it. I also joined the Arboretum this year, which is located a few miles from our apartment, so I'll be walking the trails more once fall rolls around.

More views. It's so relaxing.

It's nice because you always run into people on the trail.

The picture below is a picture of the new flowers/landscaping they planted this year. We had new owners take over and they removed the fountains and annuals and planted perennials instead. I still miss the fountains however the perennials look nice too.

I removed the particulars on the entrance sign in the photo below. This is the street to our complex.

More pics of the flowers.

I like all of the brick and classic architecture.

This is the view as you turn into the clubhouse. Our clubhouse is gorgeous as is the pool.

One last picture of Dear Son as we head home. He looks pretty tired by now. On a different note, I painted his dresser last weekend so I'll try to post those pics towards the end of the week. I am hoping he'll sleep well and feel better so I can get some sleep. I think he seems better tonight but we'll have to wait and see. It's a little different when you have a child that is medically fragile and severely disabled like Dear Son, versus a normal child that is ambulatory. It's a lot easier to keep kids healthy when they can walk, sit up and eat on their own.

Update: Between the nebulizer treatments and the organic virgin coconut oil, Dear Son recovered just fine and by the time he went to school on Wednesday, the 24th, the nurse said his lungs sounded perfectly clear.


SaoirseD said...

It looks like a beautiful day. I hope you both enjoyed it. It seems like a very scenic walk.

welsh said...

Bless you and your Dear Son. I hope he is feeling better. Your use of the coconut oil is very interesting to me. You have obviously had positive progress with it.
Thanks for sharing your walk.

Eileen said...

How nice it is that that walk is so wheelchair-friendly so you can do it together. We have beautiful walks here too but more suited to the children's buggy form of wheels, family friendly but not 100% wheelchair friendly.

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