Thursday, April 21, 2011

Klonopin Manufacturing Issue?

Is anyone having an issue getting Klonopin filled? Our local Walgreen's filled a partial order last month and said they could not fill the remainder of the order due to a "manufacturing issue". They said the problem started with the 2 mg tablets and then patients taking the 2 mg tablets switched over to the 1 mg tablets and now those are gone. In addition, the product was on back order for months and now they will no longer accept Klonopin prescriptions. I contacted them again this month and was told there was a manufacturing issue and it could not be filled. I asked to speak with the pharmacist there and she did not have any other information other than the information from the wholesaler that said it was on backorder. I contacted Osco Drug and they mentioned the same thing.

I contacted our neurologist at Big Academic Medical Center and this is the first he's heard of this issue. (Big Academic Medical Center uses the generic Clonazepam in their formulary.)

I went to Roche and couldn't find any press releases on any issues so I sent them an email and left them a voice mail. I also went to to determine if there were any safety recalls or issues and couldn't find anything. I've done countless google searches and have not found any information.

Interestingly enough, I did find a post where someone mentioned that pharmacies were being pressured by insurance companies to only offer the generic drugs in an effort to reduce their costs.

I am aware that the Klonopin wafer was discontinued however these are Klonopin tablets. We have attempted the generic Clonazepam a few years ago and it was not very effective and Dear Son had an increase in seizures.



Anonymous said...

Yes - this started happening about a month ago (and way longer for 2mg - gone since December I'd say). I was able to get through to a person at Roche (or genentech now) based on the # that CVS gave me. They were surprised I called & said the # is only for pharmacists... but they still said that yes, they are backordered through May for klonopin & expect it to be ready at the end of May. However, I just had a problem getting it at CVS today... so I don't know...maybe it's stuck in the distribution channel.

I agree with you the generic is less effective - over time. I got generic by Teva but only used it a few times. I don't know if it is going to help long-term. I've tried generic 2x before and have had bad results - and my insurance charges crazy prices for brand...but I pay it.

I don't understand how generics can be so ineffective when they are also supposed to be regulated. It's very frustrating. Glad you posted this. I lost the Roche phone number but perhaps you can find a way to call them too & post an update. Good luck.

Dream Mom said...

Thanks, Anon. Not sure what area you live in however the pharmacists and type in the drug and do a search for your area to see if anyone has any left. There wasn't any left in our area.

I've called Roche and emailed them but no response.

As for generics being less effective, the way I've always heard it was that generics have the same "active" ingredients. Well, the same could be said for most shampoos however they are vastly different, lol.

Good luck. Glad I could be helpful.

Anonymous said...

I am prescribed to KLONOPIN 1mg. by Manufactuer ROCHE. They are backordered due to an increase in demand until further notice. Some manufactuers and supply companies say the backorder is until at least 06/07/2011, but I expect it to be longer then that. I have had to shop around , pharmacy to pharmacy to see who had them left in there stock. Walgreens is def. out of stock here in Massachusetts!! Some CVS's have stock of them but its been a mission, let me tell ya!! Good luck to you all!

JSmith5780 said...

I realize you posted this over a month ago, but here is some good information for future reference. The FDA has a drug shortage department. It's a good reference tool.

Hope you aren't having problems any longer.

Dream Mom said...

Thanks JSmith for the link. I didn't see it on the list but will keep it in mind for the future. It still is not available.

JSmith5780 said...

There should be a website to contact the FDA. If they aren't aware they should be. They can then intervene and try and help the situation.

Hope DS's foot is better sooN!

Jessica said...

After much tracking down on the Internet, I found that Clonazepam had a drug lot recalled by the company. Here is the link of the company. I've sent an email to the company asking when this medication would be available on the market. I've also sent an email to the FDADrugShortage group. Once I hear anything I'll let you know.

Jessica said...

Okay, here's the news this morning from the manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, that I got in an email. They will start a partial release of the generic to distributors and wholesalers on 8/8/11. I'm also assuming it will include Klonopin. I'm hoping that all of this will straighten itself out within the month. Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Teva makes the generic. We've been having a problem getting the brand, made by Roche. Klonopin is the brand version of clonazapam. From what you said it sounds like people switched from generic Teva clonazapam to Brand Name Klonopin in the last 2 months and created the shortage (though there was already a problem for many months). That is really scary that there is neither brand nor generic available of a drug that is extremely addicting in all systems of the body (GABA receptors are everywhere). The thought of being taken off klonopin/clonazapam suddenly is very scary - and I don't know if vallium or ativan would even be a reasonable substitute. I can't believe these drug companies can let things get this bad. I've heard this isn't even the tip of the iceberg and over 500 major drugs are in short supply now.

Anonymous said...

I have had the same problem for the past couple months. Both Walgreens and Walmart say they have none and do not know when the next shipment will arrive. Generic does not work for me so I'm now getting anxious because my brand-name Klonopin is running out. Generic is not as effective. I would not be surprised at all if the drug stores are being pressured into pushing the generics.

Anonymous said...

Named brand Klonopin is the only thing that works for me. I've tried generics and it was a nightmare. I went back on named brand right away and was fine. I pray they make it before I run completely out.

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