Monday, February 28, 2011

Dear Son "You Tube" Video

I received the video of Dear Son at school today. I added in the post below but thought people might miss it. The school linked the video via a private account on You Tube so it's only available via the link. Unfortunately, the video is sideways, not sure how to fix that. The good news is that you can see Dear Son in rocking chair, sitting up with his head up, smiling, laughing and moving his feet rocking the rocking chair. You may remember that in many of his photos last year, he couldn't lift his head. Of course, you'll hear the country music in the background, lol. They have his head propped a bit since he needs some support for the back of his head and the back of the rocker isn't quite tall enough. You can see and hear his teacher in the link. This is pretty amazing to me-I never thought he'd regain the use of his feet again. I mentioned previously how well he was doing since I started him on the organic, virgin coconut oil but you can see for yourself what a difference it made. But the best part is that he is really happy. I just love that. I hope you like it too.

As I mentioned here, I felt that coconut oil was helping Dear Son. I had been using it for a few months when I read about a physician, Dr. Mary Newport who started using it to help her husband with Alzheimer’s disease. Recently, she gave an update on the improvements her husband experienced since starting coconut oil in 2009 and how he is doing today, February of 2011. For more information on coconut oil, you can check out these links on Dr. Newport’s website here.


MFA Mama said...


This video made my night! Just look at the joy on his face, and did he start to say hi to the lady at the end? It's like he was dancing--if you look he's rocking in time to the song. Too bad he's a country fan, LOL!

deb said...

Oh, my goodness....that smile!!! What a beautiful young man. Thank you for sharing Dream Mom!!

Eileen said...

He looks like a different person - how lovely for you! May the improvement continue!

Eileen said...

After I posted the first comment I noticed the WV for the next one was disco!!!!! So I had to tell you :-)

How very suitable!

Anonymous said...

Awesome to see him looking so happy and with so much movement in his legs. :-)

Dream Mom said...

Thank you for all the wonderful comments! Yes, it's a wonderful day to see him so happy after everything he's been through!

MFA Mama-Dear Son can say "hi" on occasion, but I can'tbe sure. LOL on the country fan!

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