Tuesday, December 14, 2010

O Christmas Tree...

I finally got around to putting up our Christmas tree on Saturday. I just wasn't in the mood to do it sooner although the rest of the house was decorated. Sometimes, taking out the artificial tree, putting on all of the lights, and then all the ornaments can seem, well, like a lot. Gone are the days when I had a tree in every room. In my home, I had a tree decorated with white and silver ornaments in the living room; it was very glam. In the family room was the gold and burgundy ornaments you see here, the guest room had pink and white ornaments, Dear Son's room had teddy bear resin ornaments with sports gear and the master suite had purple ornaments. Each room had a different tree and a different theme and I haven't even told you about the exterior. I had to stop at 5,000 lights outdoors since the circuit breaker couldn't handle any more.

Once I moved to an apartment, I scaled down to just one tree. Fortunately, I had some help from this guy.

You can't help but laugh with help like this. And Dear Son enjoyed watching all of this.

On to the tree. Two years ago, I switched to a slim tree and I love it! It takes up a lot less space and fits nicely into the corner. This is actually my favorite part of Christmas, to sit on the sofa and look over at the tree. I love to light the candle and also the candles in the sconces on the wall. It is beautiful. I'll show you the rest of the apartment later but for now, we'll take a look at the tree.

The theme for this tree is a music theme. It reminds me of singing in the church choir at Christmas. My favorite of course is the, "Hallelujah Chorus". I still sing it in my car all the time during the holidays. The ribbons have musical instruments and there are plenty of gold cherubs each playing a different instrument; all have crystals attached which reflect the light.
Gold scrolls and more crystal ornaments with gold. My favorite ornament to receive are glass and crystal ornaments with gold. When I had my home, I covered my staircase with fresh garland, gold and silver organza ribbon, lights and all crystal and glass ornaments hanging from the garland. It was stunning.

Here are some gold Santas.

Here's some pictures of a few more ornaments.

Here is a little glass church. It's one of my favorites. It doesn't photograph very well however it adds a lot of glamour to the tree with the lights shining through. This was one of many of the ornaments I was given over the years.

Some velvet fans and other musical themed ornaments.

I love these stained glass ornaments; reminds me of church.

More ornaments.

And some angels. The lack of a face is a reminder that angels can be anyone.

One of my favorite ornaments is this beaded sachet. Dear Son's babysitter gave it to me many years ago. She said it seemed "like me". She was right. I love it.
A picture of the entire tree.
I tried something new this year and added a mirror behind the tree. I am not sure it works. I love the of the mirror reflecting the tree however I think the mirror needs to be larger and wider. I tried to google tips on decorating with a mirror for the Christmas tree but couldn't seem to find anything.

And finally, one last picture of the tree.

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas tree.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Your skills as a decorator are simply amazing. BTW, I love the feline help. I get that too with my boys. Merry Christmas Dream Mom and Dream Son. Dina.

comedyrocks.com said...

I wish I had just a sliver of your talent!
FYI, my son has stuttering issues as well as autism and fine motor skill problems. Just try to do the best you can do to prepare both of you for the coming years.
Happy Holidays!

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Love your tree! I, too, have one of the 'slim' trees, but mine doesn't look as beautiful as yours! :) As a matter of fact, I still haven't put mine up yet this year!! (Wed. is the day!) And I LOVE your cat! He is just SO CUTE!

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