Friday, July 02, 2010

Dear Son Update

Dear Son has been having more seizures the last two weeks or so. It started with some short seizures the week of the 14th and then escalated from there. Soon, I was noticing more and more and contacted the nurse. The doc was out of town and last Sunday, the 20th, Dear Son had so many seizures that I contacted the Pediatric Neurologist on call. He probably had twenty plus seizures that day. They recommended using some Diastat, a medicine that stops the seizures. I used it Sunday and it seemed to stop them for a few days and then he had some issues last Wednesday and again on Saturday. His seizures seemed to be getting longer and increasing in intensity. I ended up calling the nurse a few times. He is sleeping most of the day now.
The nurse recommended calling Ped Neuro Doc on Monday to get a plan in place for the holidays. Apparently, the doc and the nurse have each scheduled vacations in the coming days and one of the other neurology nurses will be out as well. The nurse called me back yesterday and the doc increased one of Dear Son's meds to help with the seizures. I have been using his Vagus Nerve Stimulator but he was having so many last week, that it didn't seem to help as much.
Dear Son seemed better this week, with only occasional seizures. He had two this morning and is sleeping a lot more.
Summer school starts next week. The doctor would only give approval for him to go two, half days a week. I am sure Dear Son will enjoy it.
On the home front, I am definitely enjoying summer. You can't beat a good summer salad. At least if I am home, I can eat well. This is one of my favorite meals, Ahi tuna on a spinach salad. I use all organic fruits and vegetables and I love the way the raspberries and kiwi look against the spinach. I like this salad with some poppy seed dressing. In retrospect, it's probably not the best plate for photographing salads (I've been reading some food blogs lately so I am trying out my photography skills.). For the fourth of July, I have a new recipe I'd like to try however I am not sure if I'll be able to get to the store to get the ingredients. I'll post pictures of that if I do. I'd really like to get back to my tablescaping again but that will have to wait until Dear Son starts school in the fall.
And the cat, well, he seems to be enjoying summer too. Nothing like a good cap nap.

I'll try and post Dear Son's graduation pictures soon. They had a graduation party at school and the pictures turned out great. I am sorry everything is taking so long to post these past few weeks. It's a lot of work some days taking care of Dear Son round the clock and that has to be my first priority.

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