Thursday, May 06, 2010

Make A Wish Trip

It's hard to believe that our trip is almost here. While I've been talking to Dear Son about our trip and the things we will do, I haven't really believed it myself. Last year, I never quite believed we would go and as it turned out, we didn't. This time, I tried not to think about it too much, in case it didn't work out, but it's starting to feel like it might happen. I was creating my to do list for next week and realized that it was the last week before our trip. I guess I'll have to start checking my Make a Wish book to see what I need to do. Prior to our last trip, I made a notebook filled with a to do list, plus the itinerary and everything we'd need for our trip. So everything is pretty much done, other than reviewing the list.
Dear Son is starting to get excited too. I keep asking him when he wakes up if he was dreaming of our trip to Florida. Today, I told him that it was going to be pretty nice down there and that I'd have to buy some suntan lotion. He looked at me and then gave me a big smile. I told him that they were going to have to find someone else to fold the towels at school because he was going on vacation. He really like that.
Later today, I talked to him about the Polynesian Luau. I talked to him about what the girls would be wearing and showed him how they would be dancing and he really seemed to enjoy it. Hopefully he was laughing with me and not at me although he did seem to laugh a bit more the more I danced. He does have a pretty good sense of humor though.
I am glad to be getting away as well. I was changing Dear Son the other night at 2 a.m. and was ready to fall over in exhaustion. I just wanted to get him changed and go back to bed. Well, as it turned out, I had to do an entire bed change. It's a little challenging to do this when he's in it and at that time of night, I was all thumbs. I just wasn't coordinated in the middle of the night and everything I did took twice as long. All I can remember was praying for the Lord to help me get through the task because I was so tired. As I finished up the task and had the new sheets on, Dear Son says, "hi". It was the sweetest and most beautiful sound I could ever hear. Suddenly, everything seemed better. I gushed all over him and gave him a big hug. I told him that it made my day. I have been having a harder and harder time lately due to this sporadic sleep schedule. I am up every two hours at a minimum and night after night it really gets to be pretty tough without getting a full night's sleep. It's also seems to get harder every year since I too am getting older and getting one full night's sleep every two weeks just isn't enough.
So I think we are all ready for the trip. It will be good to have some help from Dad all week and I plan on trying to get a massage on the trip. I haven't had a massage since I worked full time, some ten years ago. I am definitely ready. I doubt I'll be able to get up when I am done since I'll be so relaxed, lol! But the best part about packing will be that we will be going somewhere other than to the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. I hope you and dear son enjoy it so much. Where is "Hello Kitty" going while you are going to be gone? I'm a cat and kid lover and enjoy your blog.

Dream Mom said...

Thanks, Sophie. Wiggles gets to stay home which is where he likes it. I have some relatives that will be staying here while I am gone so he'll like having someone home all day with him:)It's a little easier than for him to try to get acclimated somewhere else.

Next time we go on vacation though, we'll take kitty along. It's pretty hard to leave him for seven long days. He's part of the family.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I am so excited for you guys! What a great experience it should be. It is always better to pack for somewhere other than the hospital!

Anne in NY said...

Happy, Happy Mother's Day to you, dear Dream Mom! Please know how much you inspire and encourage mothers everywhere. We love you!

Karen Griffin said...

Hi. I really enjoy your blog, so I'm following it. Reading this post brought me back to my own son's Make a Wish trip that they honored him a year and a half before he died. I'm so glad that they gave my son a time to remember at Give Kids The World Village in Orlando Florida. He got to see all (most) of his favorite Disney characters. Anyway, now that my son is gone, I can feel close to him by staying "in the loop" of special needs. That was what my life was about...otherwise it can be a lonely use to the "chaotic life". Thanks again for a wonderful blog.

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