Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Playing Possum To Get Out of Housework?

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart~She recommends using a cutting board for perfect folding.

Dear Son started attending school two, half days last week. Last Tuesday, one of his jobs at school was to fold towels. I wasn't sure how he could do this, since he has little use of his hands and arms, so I had asked one time, how he did it. Apparently, they place the towel on the tray of his wheelchair and he uses his right forearm to shove one end of the towel towards the other.

Well, Dear Son wasn't too excited with the prospect of folding towels so apparently, when they brought the towels over to him, he conveniently fell asleep. Unfortunately, as soon as they removed the towels, he woke up so they thought he was "playing possum" to get out of folding the towels. This was a good strategy on Dear Son's part and was very effective when he used it once last year to get out of shredding paper. He closed his eyes when they turned the machine on and then opened them when the shredding was all done. After he got off the bus last week, his CNA, who is also his bus aide, told me the story about Dear Son playing possum when it came to folding the towels. We had a good laugh and I teased Dear Son later about playing possum and told him that I didn't think that men liked folding towels. He smiled.

Fast forward to yesterday when they brought the towels around at school. He decided to play possum again however as soon as he closed his eyes, his CNA whispered into his ear. She said he didn't need to "play possum" to get out of folding the towels. She said that she would do most of the work to help him and that it would be easier. Apparently, negotiation works for him. He opened his eyes and smiled at her. She helped him with the towels and he was able to move his fingers slightly when he was ready for her to give him the towels.


Becca said...

Typical teenager!

It's good to hear that M is back at school - you've said before how much he enjoys being there.

Maybe doing the towels could be one of his chores at home, too?

Fresh Hell, Texas said...

Boys will be boys!


Anne in NY said...

So, so sweet! His personality sparkles through and you are so wonderful to share it with us!

Flygirl1 said...

Crafty little man isn't he!

Glad to hear he's having some fun at school.


MFA Mama said...

Bwahahah! It's so good to hear that Dear Son's personality has shown up to the party. I was worried that the recent illnesses would break his sweet spirit; I've seen that happen to a child of my own and when they first start to "act up" in little ways like that it's so encouraging! I also find it hilarious that he responded to the aid whispering in his ear that way; I wonder if that's his sly way of getting her to come closer? We know Dear Son likes the ladies :) Bless his heart, haha!

Anonymous said...

DreamMom, you break my heart. I will never look at folding towels the same way. I am grateful that I don't have to think twice about my ability to do such mundane chores. Because of you, I do not take normalcy for granted.

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