Friday, May 29, 2009

Sneak Peek! A Child's Playroom Makeover

This is the valence that I made from a single drapery panel. I cut the panel, hemmed it with mending tape and then added black trim with black crystals.
I thought you might enjoy a sneak peek at a child's playroom makeover I am working on. I am in the final stages of the makeover and will showcase the complete before and after pictures in a few weeks. The bookshelf is on backorder and won't be delivered until June 24th. The floor has yet to be installed and I am waiting on shipment on the rug. In the meantime, here are the details:
This is the area rug I chose. I use this black rug to anchor all of the pattern I used in the room and to give the eye a place to rest.
  • Color scheme is lime green, black and white. Walls are lime green with black and white furniture and accessories. I chose black and white instead of pink since I feel that pink is so overdone for a young girl. I thought the black and white would be sophisticated but not overdone for seven years old.
  • The room is 10 x 10 and there will be a vanity area, a desk for homework and art, a reading area and a play area.
  • I made the valence using one drapery panel and then purchased some trim with some black crystals that will shine when the light comes through the window. I used the same fabric to upholster the desk chair.
  • The vanity area includes a small child's desk that I created into a vanity. It will have everything she needs to sit and do her hair, nails or make-up (just for play). I have used a common object in a new way to store her headbands. I am saving that as a surprise for you! All of the drawers are labeled. Her favorite part to date is the drawer to store her hairbrush! She said she never had a place for that before!
  • The desk area includes containers for markers, pens and pencils and overlooks the white flowering crab apple tree in the back yard. It was just magnificent a few weeks ago and looked beautiful against the lime green walls.

A narrow bookshelf will hold some books and a few knick knacks.

  • The reading area includes an upholstered chair that is also a recliner. The bookshelf will hold a few books and knick knacks.
  • The room will get a new maple laminate floor and I'll use a black area rug with white leaves on it.
  • The closet has been customized with wire shelving that is adjustable. That way the room can grow with her.

The chair is actually black and white although it looks cream in this picture. It's also pretty comfortable.

The little girl has seen the progress to date and loves it. Her mother says that she invites all of her friends over now to see her room. She tells them on the phone that, "It's not Hannah Montana but it's black and white". The other day she came home and I had just finished putting on the black and white stickers on some of the decorative objects and she called her Dad up to show him all of the items. She showed him how the desk is just perfect to do her homework and then showed him how she can read in the chair. What is great is that she takes great pride in keeping the room fairly neat and organized. Since the room was done over several visits, I made a rule that once something was organized, she had to keep it that way. She's done a great job.

I found these packages in the scrapbook aisle at Target. They were approximately $1 each. I used these to decorate some wall decor. I used the "clipboard alphas" and spelled out her name. I sealed all of the wall decor with Modge Podge. I wasn't too sure about this idea however it was the little girl's favorite. I used the rub ons and transparencies on top of her dressing table. It has a glass top and I simply cut and placed these items on the top beneath the glass.

I used two of these chest of drawers on either side of the desk. I ordered them in white. We had glass tops made to keep them from scratching and I topped each of them with some black and white paper.

While checking out black and white items, I found this blog devoted solely to black and white. It is called, "Black and White Delight".

*To see the finished playroom and the rest of the playroom makeover, click on the "Playroom Makeover" label in the sidebar or click here.

Note: I am a Professional Organizer and Home Stager. I run a business called, "Dream Organizers"; my motto is, "Keep it simple. Get organized. Make it beautiful."


Anonymous said...

VERY sophisticated! Love it!
YOu'd love this blog I follow:
Rhoda has great ideas!

deb said...

Oh, my, it is beautiful!
Dream Mom, I want you to come and live with me for a pull me out of just this side of chaos!

Dear Son could come, house is accessible!! ;-)


Dream Mom said...

Lois-Yes, I've been reading Rhoda's blog for months; I have her in my feed list. You are correct, she has some good ideas!

LOL, Deb! Love the part that the house is accessible for DS!

Lynn said...

Where did you find that bookcase? I love it!

Dream Mom said...

Lynn-The bookshelf is from Home Decorators; it's called the, "Torrence Ladder Bookshelf". You can go to and search for,
"ladder bookshelf" and it should come up. The one I selected was 18 inches since it's a small space.

Chris said...

Thanks to your sweet comment, I am popping over for a visit. I can't WAIT for this reveal! I'm in love with every picture you showed (that chair!), and I love the color combination you chose! I'm sooo glad I got to "meet" you! I'll be back (no pressure or anything) :)

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I adore your first blind. Stunning!!

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