Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Great Day

Dear Son had his botox injections this morning despite my late start. We were scheduled to be there by 6:30 a.m. which means we needed to leave by 5 a.m. or so to be on time. That means a 3:30 a.m. wake up time for me which did not happen. I am not much of a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. I do try to help myself by setting my alarm clock 35 minutes ahead of schedule to help me out. It's not so much getting up, it's really being somewhere that early, after being up all night, which is what I don't enjoy. I managed to get up around 4:30 or so which meant we were a little late as we arrived at 6:45 a.m.. Dear Son's Dad helped us and did the driving so that was great. The radiologist was late as well due to the snow we had this morning and his 7:30 surgery did not start until after 9 a.m. due to the radiologist delay. The roads were a bit messy so I was fine with that.

The surgery went great. Our surgeon was someone whom I had never met. Our normal ENT is just starting to do the botox injections however this surgeon has done them for some time. She is also married to the doc who installed Dear Son's g-tube a few years back. She is a very cheerful young woman and a pleasure to work with. As a parent, it is really nice when you have physicians who love what they do. The surgeons who really love surgery always stand out in my mind because they are just so happy on surgery days. It's like an extra bonus for me. We get the surgery and all that good energy to boot.

Dear Son received 45 IUs into his parotid glands and another 20 IUs into his submandibular glands. The botox injections should help decrease drooling and help him manage his saliva at night. I should see some results within five to seven days.

We left the hospital and got home around 12:30 p.m. or so. Dear Son was tired so he slept the rest of the day. I managed to get four hours of uninterupted sleep this afternoon so I am feeling like a million bucks. In addition, I managed to get a few medical claims resolved to boot.

Dear Son is able to return to school tomorrow and I am back to work the rest of this week. Thanks to Dear Son's Dad today who was a great help for the surgery. We are not able to complete any office visits or surgical visits any more without his assistance so it's great that I have someone who can help me with all of this.

Tonight I am going to relax with my virtual champagne (thanks to Island Baby-see comment on last post) and check out some kitty blogs. I have to see what Poppy Q is up to and see what pretty new dresses Ms. Daisy, the Curly Cat (or Curly Gurly Cat as I like to refer to her) is up to.


Poppy Q said...

Hi Dream mOm, that sounds like the day went well. You were posting as I was posting, so now you has to come back and see the answer to yesterdays puzzle. I hope we put a smile on your dial!! Miss Daisy is the best isn't she. We always laugh visiting her blog.

Have a great night and end to your week.

Poppy Q and Julie (mum)

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

deer dreem mom,
i wuz happee to reed da wordz "great day" on yer blog. i'm glad dat da injekshunz went well ... an i am waitin to reed all abowt how day help da grate deer son.

Jan said...

We stopped by to see how you and Dear Son are doing. We hope the injections help a lot.

jans funny farm

Baby Island said...

Oh I am so glad to here your day was a success, amazing how 4 hours of undisturbed sleep can make you feel like a new woman isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Yay for resolved medical claims! Hope the botox does the trick for Dear Son. Please keep us posted.

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