Sunday, December 16, 2007

Climbing Trees

Dear Son gets a big kick out of our cat Wiggles. Wiggles likes to go into our tree and pretend he's an ornament. Sometimes, he likes to go in there and sit at the top of the tree to watch the animals outside, like our ducks, who come to the feeder, even in the snow. They used to fly south for the winter but not anymore.

Going into the tree.

Pretending he's an ornament.

Exiting the tree.
Ducks in the snow.
I am off to go Christmas shopping today. I bought a new Mr. Christmas carousel for Dear Son on Friday, along with a new 7 foot slim Christmas tree for our house. I'll try to post some pictures of the new tree this week (the photos above are last year's tree). I hope to get Dear Son some new clothes today.


Anonymous said...

Wiggles in the tree would make me laugh, too! Cats are funny!

Deb said...

I think Mr. Wiggles has somehow spoken to our 5 (yes, I did say FIVE) kitties. The 'boys' (Fagin, Butler, Hendrix and Salvador) seem to take turns climbing up the middle of the tree, and plucking off their favorite ornaments, which I then find in the oddest places. Myrna, who is our fat old lady cat, just rolls her eyes, and goes back to sleep.

I hope your shopping trip was successful. You are a brave on the weekend, the week before Christmas! (*shudder*)

I hope all is well with you and Dear Son. You are so often in my thoughts.



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