Sunday, October 07, 2007

New Links!

I’d like to welcome a few new blogs, some of which are new and some of which are new to me.

The first is Poppy Q, a british shorthair cat, who has her own blog and she’s not even one year old. Talk about an overachiever! She is one cool kitty and you have to check her out. Not only is she beautiful, but she has a pretty good purrsonality for a blogger. Luckily, her mum did not declaw her so she can type. You can link to her home page here or just skip to some of her adventures. Here are some samples here and here. Her birthday is October 14th so I am certain that will be a big day as it will be her first birthday party.

I am wondering though if she’d like to meet my cat. His name is Wiggles. He’s six years old and although he’s older, I don’t think five years is much of a difference. He’s really handsome although vertically challenged, being a Munchkin. He’s just a bit taller than the baseboards, thank you.

Next is an Occupational Therapy blog called, “Occupational Therapy Students Belong.” Karen is a 24 year old first year Master of Occupational Therapy student who chronicles her journey.

Mom of Thomas is a mom who has started a new blog detailing her life with her four year old son who has cerebral palsy.

Rudy is a young man with cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. He has a blog called, “Disability Resource Directory.” He had asked me to link to his blog several times and I am finally getting around to adding my links!

And finally, one of my new favorite blogs, “Zen Habits.” The first time I linked to this blog, I was there for hours. This blog has a different topic for each day of the week. Monday is my favorite day because it is, "Productivity and Organization" day. Tuesday is Finance and Family, Wednesday is Simplicity (another favorite of mine), Thursday is Happiness and Friday is Health. Be sure to check out past links since there is a lot of good information out there.


Casdok said...

I will check those out, thank you!

Shannon said...

Hi there.
I emailed you awhile back about your blog (not sure if you remember or not) and at the time you asked if i blogged about my son...and i didn't have one up and running but i finally got one going for him.

your blog really inspired me to do so. thank you for that.

Deb said...

Dream Mom-

Thanks for the new links. I checked them all out, but really love the Poppy Q blog, as we have 5 (yes, I did say FIVE) cats, (and 3 parrots- geez!) If Poppy Q and Wiggles don't connect, then perhaps wiggles would like to meet Myrna, Fagin, Mr. Butler, Hendrix or Salvador.

I also loved the "Zen Habits" blog, and spent a bit of time there. I am spread SO thin,that it is a constant struggle for me to stay even moderately organized. Thanks!

I hope all is well-


Deb said...


I'm not quite sure how the "knqqu" ended up after my name....those were the "word verification" letters needed to publish a comment.



Dream Mom said...

Thanks, everyone.

Deb-I loved Poppy Q too; I think if you love cats, you'll like that blog. I think it's extremely creative and her writing style makes it sound very much like the cat is writing it.

Wow, five cats and three parrots! I don't think I could keep up. I do enjoy pets and can't resist the kittens (up for adoption) when I buy pet supplies; I always make some time to pet them and give them some chin scratchings.

poppyq said...

Ohh shucks. I am all embarassed now. Thanks for coming to visit me and give me such a huge profile on your lovely blog.

It's so nice of you to introduce me to Wiggles. What a nice looking pussy cat. I am happy to meet new kitty friends.

Mum says the cat blogosphere is a good way of blogging. We can tell you all about our days and our adventures and all the good stuff in our lives.

You have a great blog - and you do a great job of telling an awesome story of you and your son.

Have an awesome weekend.

Your new friend.

Poppy Q and mum.

Benjamin Fuzz said...

hi there! i came here because i read poppy q's blog. i'm a cat mom, and our blog is called 'the fuzz factor'.

it's always good to meet new friends...and feel free to stop by any time!

mom toni
ben fuzz
lucy fur

Benjamin Fuzz said...

a little more after reading more of your blog:

i am impressed by your honesty as you share the story that is your life. thank you for doing that.

our little cat blogosphere is full of fun, kindness, generosity, and love. whenever you need a dose of chuckle, giggle or guffaw, come on over. there's sure to be someone (some cat) who has something uplifting to say. we're happy to share that with you.

benjamin fuzz and lucinda suzanne (aka lucy fur) would love to meet you and your fuzzy one.

poppyq said...

Me again Dream Mom. I have posted about YOU in todays post. To thank you for being so kind, for forgiving me for saying awesome twice in a row in the above comment, and to introduce you to my other blog friends.

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing.

Roberta said...

Dear Dream Mom,
I visited your blog after reading about you on Poppy Q's blog this morning. I went all the way back and read your earliest entries. I stayed with the photo of Dear Son at age 11. He's a beautiful boy ... and still is at age 15.
I will continue to visit you and Dear Son.

Daisy said...

Wiggles sure is a cutie! I came from Poppy Q's place. Nice to meet you. I saw you asked about cats at halloween, and guess what? There IS a special halloween contest for cats! You can go here:


Diamond said...

Wiggles may have short legs, but probably is most superior in every other way. Short legs might be better for some purposes anyway.

Christine and FAZ said...

Hi there, popped by to say hello via PoppyQ. We're bloggers from Wimbledon in the UK.

Jan's Funny Farm residents said...

Hi, We dropped in from visiting Poppy Q's page too. It is nice to meet her Saturday friends (including Wiggles, of course). We will stop back and visit again, but for now we just wanted to say hello.

Dream Mom said...

Thanks, Daisy for the information about the Halloween contest. I think Wiggles will be entering.

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Hi Wiggles and Dream Mom and Dear Son! Nice to meet you. We are sending many positive thoughts your way to help you deal with all you go through everyday.

Samantha & Tigger said...

Hi Dream Mom, Dear Son and Wiggles:
We came by from Poppy Q's Saturday post and we have read a few of your posts and what you go through. You write about it so honestly and with such love. We take care of our Grandma with Alzheimer's. We like meeting new friends and Wiggles is a cutie! What is a munchkin? Stop by anytime and we have added you to our links.
Your FL furiends,
And Mom

Dream Mom said...

Wow, so many new and beautiful kitty friends! Thank you for all the wonderful messages. Sending some good chin scratchings your way.

Samantha & Friends-A Munchkin is a cat that has the dwarfism gene which causes them to be smaller than regular cats and they often look more like kittens. Full grown males grow to be 5 to 7 pounds and females somewhat less.

The International Cat Association (TICA) officially recognized Munchkins as a breed somewhere in 2002 or 2003; I don't quite recall. Munchkins are sought after due to their short legs and their kitten like bodies.

I chose a Munchkin after researching the various cat breeds in an ASPCA book on the various cat breeds; I thought they were cute along with their other characteristics, namely, they are good with children, smart, talkative and they are lap caps. I paid $300 for mine although now they run anywhere from $700 to $1800 for them. They are also controversial because some people feel that cats should not be bred for dwarfism.

This was my first cat and I wasn't aware of the controversy prior to his purchase. I found Wiggles via a breeder on the internet and then drove to pick him up when he was around twelve weeks old.

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