Sunday, August 19, 2007

Top 10 Things Dear Son Has Taught Me

10. He taught me that children with disabilities are not children to be afraid of, but rather, children to celebrate. They are the children who will cherish all the love, kindness and happiness that you bestow upon them, not once in a while, but every time they look you in the eye.

9. He taught me that while to the world I am one person, to him I am the world. I feel this every time I wrap his arm around my neck and he nearly chokes me giving me a hug since he can’t control his grip.

8. He showed me that things I took for granted before he was born, are blessings to him and those like him. To be able to run, to be able to walk and to be able to care for myself are the big goals in life for children like him.

7. He showed me how to communicate and make friends with others, without using any words. I watched in awe as he’d go into a room, any room, and charm them with his smile.

6. He taught me that giving of myself to care for him, is a gift I give myself.

5. He taught me that the value of a person can not be measured by what they can do, nor by what they bring to the table, but to what you learn about yourself while taking care of them. That’s the best take away you can get.

4. He taught me that people who brag about the things their children can do to make themselves look better, only look better for a minute in public, but never as good as the mother who can look themselves in the eye every day and know they gave their child all that they had that day.

3. He taught me that the rewards of being a mother are not diminished in any way, having a child with severe disabilities. What a wonderful surprise.

2. He taught me that when there is absolutely nothing left, there are always miracles.

1. And the top thing that having a child with disabilities has taught me, is that when you love a child with for who they are, and not what they can do, your heart will always sing with joy every time you see their beautiful face.

Be sure to check out other Top Ten lists this week when David, from Growing Up With A Disability hosts the next disability blog carnival on Thursday, August 23rd.


Anonymous said...

Go got that right, all ten, esp. liking number 10. Anne

zoe said...

I love them all but number 5 and 2 speak to me and I think with the "miracles" therein lies the grace we receive. You cannot write something this powerful and not have lived it. Dear Son has been a great teacher!

Kathryn said...

Dream Mom - GREAT, GREAT list. I loved all of them but especially 1-5 where as I read, I was like - that's great. Oh look at that one and so on to my poor hubby trying to read them with out my interruptions!

You just sum it up perfectly, especially considering my rant today - this is why pity is so not necessary. GREAT top 10 list.

catherine said...


Ruth said...

Wonderful list - very powerful and moving.

jennifergg said...


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