Sunday, June 17, 2007

An Inspirational Father Son Story for Father's Day

If you haven't seen this story, I encourage you to read it. This is a story about a son with cerebral palsy, who can't talk or walk, and whose father, who has been taking his son and entering marathons and triathalons for almost twenty years. I have seen this story many times over the years, but it never fails to inspire me.

The son tells his story here titled, "What My Father Means To Me". It's an "emotional tribute to an incredible and inspirational Dad, from his equally incredible and inspirational son." What I love about this story is the son's comment, "When I'm running, I feel like my disability disappears!"

Their goal, "is to educate people about how the disabled can lead normal lives." I think their story is important for both disabled and non-disabed people. In the early years with Dear Son, I wondered a lot, "How do I do this?" or "How can I do things with Dear Son that other people take for granted?" There is certainly a learning curve. While we don't run marathons, Dear Son and I have been walking for years. When he was small, we used to walk outside on a walking trail and he'd let out a scream as soon as I opened the door, since he was so happy to go outside. He still gets excited today whenever we take a walk or go outside to sit in the rocking chairs, only now he starts laughing non-stop to let me know he's excited. It's definitely a lot more work to do anything when your children are special needs; sometimes getting ready to go somewhere can wear you out before you've left the house.

I love this story and hope you will too.

Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers.

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Aaron Marks said...

I hadn't seen this story before. Thank you for sharing it here. It brought a tear to my eye. Okay, so maybe it was more like two.

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