Thursday, January 11, 2007

If Ashley Could Just Talk, I Wonder What She’d Say…

If Ashley could just talk,
I wonder what she’d say,
Would she say, “Come on, Dad”,
“You need to let me be.”

If Ashley could just walk,
I wonder what she’d do,
Would she say, “Please don’t Momma”,
“I just wanted to be like you.”

If Ashley could just grow,
I wonder what she’d do,
If her Mom let her be tall,
Like the other mother’s do.

But Ashley’s always silent,
Like a good little girl should be,
Because she is disabled,
She’s not like you or me.

And that’s why she’s their Angel,
All white, and pure and true,
Because she can never be,
Like either me or you.

I wonder what God thinks,
When Ashley prays to him at night,
If he takes his little Angel,
And tries to make it right.

I wonder what he thinks,
When the committee was in the room,
And all the brilliant minds said,
“Do whatever you want to do”.

I wonder if he’d thinks it’s right,
For them not to let her grow,
Or did he think it’s a-okay,
Since she will never know.

I wonder if God worries,
When all disabled children pray,
“Please don’t let my parents do this,
Because I can not run away.”

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Kath said...

Dream Mom- the last couple of posts have glitches in they look like weird typos. I always read your blog in Safari and have never noticed it until recently.

Not sure if anyone else has mentioned that to you!


Dream Mom said...

Kath-Thanks for letting me know. Let me do a little checking into this.

Dream Mom said...

Kath-I did some initial checking and the blogger reported some capatibility options with browsers such as Safari, Opera, etc. The Blogger stated that you’ll get best results with Firefox or Internet Explorer 6.

For the new blogger, they recommend Firefox or IE 6+ since the layout, fonts and color customizations don't work in Safari.

If I recall, there were some known issues last week with the old blogger which may have caused some of the issues since it was down for a time and finally brought back up.

Kath said...

Problem solved. Viewing in Safari makes it wonky :-)

Thanks for the fyi and Happy Friday!

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