Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Recently, I have received several invitations from various organizations regarding publication of my blog. This post is to notify you that I have recently accepted an invitation from the lead editor at Pluck Corporation to become part of BlogBurst, the world’s largest blog syndication network. Pluck Corporation operates BlogBurst, and distributes the content to media sites and newspapers around the world. Recently, Reuters has formed a strategic alliance with Pluck Corporation, to syndicate third party blog content as part of Reuters news and information service. Under the terms of this agreement, Reuters will offer BlogBurst’s syndication service to thousands of its media customers worldwide including The Washington Post and the Gannett newspaper chains, among others. You can read more about Reuter’s and Pluck Corporation’s agreement here and here. Here is an example from the Reuter’s website. I am excited about this new opportunity and would like to thank you all for your support and your interest in Dear Son.


Anonymous said...

Well done! It's fantastic that your writing will be seen by thousands more people. Thankyou for opening our eyes to your world and sharing your life with us.

dki617 said...

YES!! The world must see this blog!!!!!

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