Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy 15th Birthday to Dear Son!

Today is Dear Son’s birthday. To celebrate his birthday, here are fifteen things he would like to tell you about himself:

1) I love a party.
2) I am happiest when I am in a room full of people.
3) Most people compliment me on my blue eyes or my smile.
4) I love country music but my Mom doesn’t care for it. Gretchen Wilson is my favorite country singer. One of my teacher’s introduced me to her music.
5) My best friend in my talking Barney. He keeps me company.
6) I love going for a walk and swinging.
7) I enjoy sitting in my rocking chair.
8) I like it when people get in trouble. It really makes me laugh. I laugh really hard and loud and sometimes people think I am having a seizure.
9) I look exactly like my father but people tell me I have my mother's personality.
10) I love beautiful girls.
11) I am very extroverted.
12) I like it when my cat gets in trouble.
13) I smile when I meet new people.
14) I like listening to music on my headphones.
15) Animals love me.

*This is my favorite picture of Dear Son. It was taken when he was 13.5 years old when he could still sit up and hold his head up.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dear Son! Wishing you a wonderful and special day, one that is as special as you are.

Dreaming again said...

Happy birthday dear son!

red fish said...

Happy Birthday Dear Son! I hope your birhday was filled with lots of laughs.

wolfbaby said...

Happy birthday dear son.. hope you had the biggest bestest birthday of all!!! You do have a beatiful smile:)

oncRN said...

Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

Wrkinprogress said...

We love you, Darlin!!! Let's get this party started! Wo0t!!!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday!

Shinga said...

Belated birthday wishes!

Regards - Shinga

neonataldoc said...

He looks great. Happy belated birthday. Tell him to be careful with the beautiful women.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to one handsome dude.

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