Sunday, June 25, 2006

Little Cat's Fake Girlfriend

I was in the Gift Shop at Big Academic Medical Center searching for a little something for Dear Son as I usually do. I saw this Little Cat all curled up in the corner and bought her. She looked remarkably similar to our "little cat", an eight pound Munchkin cat named Wiggles or Wiggs as we sometimes call him for short. Wiggles is our Munchkin cat with the short legs that was due to a genetic mutation similar to the dwarfism gene in humans; as you may recall, I wrote about a post about our cat some time ago. I bought this little cat for Dear Son and set her on his hospital bed. Dear Son had lots of laughs as I talked about how much this cat looked like our little Wiggs.

Upon arriving home from the hospital, we set our Little Cat on the sofa. Wiggles eyes bugged out from across the room and he jumped up on the sofa to check out Little Cat. He determined quickly that while she looked like a real kitten and even felt like a real kitten, she was a fake. He quickly dismissed her. Until today.

I left Little Cat on the sofa and today he decided he just might like a Missus. He came over and lovingly licked her rabbit fur. He curled up beside her and quickly moved away when he saw me looking at them together. Then he decided he didn't care and layed down beside her.

So, now what? Is this the equivalent of a blow up doll for my cat? Or does he just want a "trophy wife"? I dunno. Maybe I just opened up a can of worms.

Note: Photo on the left is our short legged cat Wiggles standing on the kitchen chair. Photo on the right is the "fake" kitten and Wiggles.


Wrkinprogress said...

Our kitty Roger has "babies" -- they consist of a Boston Terrier, generic puppy, teddy bear, bendable rabbit (like Bugs but not him), and a hamster. Cats need friends too, even if they're fake! lol


Surgeon in my dreams said...

How sweet! My Thomas loves stuffed animals. He loves their eyes off first, then their noses, then any other apendages that may be loosely attached. His "toy box" looks like an assortment of horror movie rejects!!

Jan in SC

Cathy said...

how cute...Its hard to tell who is real and who is fake. My cat also has a girlfriend. It is a little white fake dog. He sleeps cuddled up to it and carries it all over the house with him.

The neighbor has a cat named "Abraham". She brought him over the other day to play with my cat "Gary". Nothing doing, my cat didn't like Abramham and retaliated aginst him by getting his fake dog out and ignoring Abraham. And they say Cat's don't have any personality!

I'm so happy you and ds are home where you belong.

Dr. A said...

Are they twins? Great story!

zoe said...

So happy for you both that you are home!! Praying that Dear Son stays on the mend!!

Dream Mom said...

Oh, you guys all made me laugh today. Who knew these cats had all of these "fake" friends! I am glad to know my Wiggles is not alone.

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